Herjavec Group Increases Productivity By 20% with Kantata


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Herjavec Group

What Kantata Replaced

Microsoft Projects, Excel

The Challenge

Herjavec Group team members were using Microsoft Projects, Excel spreadsheets and Easy Projects, but these solutions were causing everything from data inconsistencies to ineffective time allocation. These legacy systems and their shortcomings caused team members to experience several recurring issues that interfered with day-to-day work, including lack of financial integration and complicated resource management.

Herjavec Group is a cybersecurity firm offering comprehensive protection to minimize cyber attacks and threats for companies around the world. Herjavec Group provides products and services to enterprise organizations excelling in complex, multi-technology environments.

The Solution

Improved Project Collaboration

Having projects run in separate solutions caused difficulties in team member collaboration. This challenge was solved by Kantata’s collaboration capabilities, including having team members email into a project and cc a project thread.

Project Performance Insights

Disparate project management instances caused difficulties in understanding the true performance of each project. As such, the Herjavec team needed a purpose-built professional services solution that could provide updates on project completion, burn rate, timelines and more.

Resource Availability Forecasting

Herjavec Group needed the ability to see both current and future resource capacity for both project planning needs and the ability to follow through on sales agreements with prospective clients. Gaining these insights through Kantata was critical for success both before and after the sale.


  • 20% increase in productivity
  • 8% increase in utilization
  • Support for simultaneously managing 250+ projects
  • Support for pre-sales and project pipeline forecasting

Increase in productivity


Increase in utilization

The Results

Support for Stronger Performance

With Kantata, Herjavec Group is now able to better report on past project performance and forecast future performance, with stronger time keeping and project management capabilities throughout the business.

Empowerment Through Kantata Resource Planning

Today, Herjavec’s team members are heavily using Kantata resource planning capabilities, which have allowed team members to customize their insights regarding specific practice areas of the company for a faster understanding of project needs.

Interdepartmental Support

Kantata is being widely used across the organization and has helped keep departments stay connected during the shift to remote work due to COVID-19, with the finance department having its own dashboard for greater financial insights. In addition, the business development team also uses Kantata for pre-sales and historical information.

Insights and Control for Greater Success

The Kantata Industry Cloud for Professional Services™ allows Herjavec Group to manage its team of 50 resources and up to 250 projects at a time. In addition, the Kantata dashboard and Project Health Report has helped the company better understand project pipeline to know how and when it should change headcount accordingly for optimized timelines and resource utilization.

"From a scale perspective, Kantata was right for where we were and we knew that it was what could take us to the next step."

Katherine Isaac

Vice President of Service Delivery, Herjavec Group

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