CORE Business Technologies Increases Billable Utilization by 35% with Kantata

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The Challenge

CORE’s different solutions created a hectic workday due to the large amount of disconnected systems and files. Teams also had difficulty with collaboration, time tracking and visibility alongside misunderstanding a project’s return on investment (ROI) due to a lack of data.

CORE Business Technologies provides integrated payment transaction processing and reconciliation, helping clients harness multiple systems and deliver through a single solution. CORE’s SaaS-based payment solutions create an easy-to-use interface for revenue management, which is backed by the full support of CORE teams, to ensure a frictionless experience.

The Solution

Time Tracking

Kantata provided comprehensive time tracking capabilities that allowed team members to enter their time from anywhere, helping project managers better understand team utilization rates and assisting the accounting department in providing accurate billing.

Portfolio View

CORE needed to see their complete project portfolio and have greater day-to-day visibility into projects. Having this level of transparency was critical for the team to ensure important project needs were attended to and adjustments were made.

Project Insights

CORE needed to be able to pull accurate data directly from their projects as team members were limited on time for collecting data and manually building reports themselves. Understanding utilization and tracking project milestones was a critical step in CORE continuing to strengthen their projects.


  • Simultaneous in-progress projects doubled
  • 100% company-wide time entry compliance
  • 35% Increase in Billable Utilization
  • 50% Increase in Team Productivity

Increase in billable utilization


Increase in team productivity

The Results

Stronger Company-Wide Utilization

Today, the CORE team is improving their understanding of baseline resource utilization through Kantata. CORE has been able to increase team productivity by 50% by decreasing admin time. In addition, these improvements have led to a 35% increase in billable utilization rates.

Increased Project Efficiency

Kantata’s use has led to greater efficiencies and a stronger task management ability across the organization. CORE doubled the average amount of projects being worked on simultaneously at the business, increasing from an average of seven to 14.

In-Depth Project Insights

Kantata Insights has helped the project management team at CORE see project milestones and better understand how they can improve client adoption rates. With Insights, the team at CORE is now able to look across all departments, understand utilization and track development.

Efficient and Accurate Time Tracking

Today, employees throughout CORE are accurately tracking their time with Kantata, with these time entries assigned to portfolios to help managers better understand the amount of work being done on each project. Time off is now being reported more accurately and CORE is able to understand ROI for potential projects to make informed decisions.

“Kantata’s ease of use in time tracking was huge for us. I didn’t have time to pull data and build the reports we need. The portfolio view and Kantata Insights have played a major role in solving that need.”

Kevin Martins

Project Manager, CORE Business Technologies

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