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The Professional Services Pursuit

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Our goal is simple: to give professional services leaders a place to go to be inspired and tap into expert advice, trends and best practices in our collective pursuit of excellence. From agencies to IT services and every PS organization in between, our hosts and guests will provide the insights you need to drive a resource first organization and do what you do best, only better.



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Episode 50

The Impact of Mergers and Acquisitions on Technology Investments w/ Niels Haagman

Episode 49

Tools and Frameworks to Tackle Management and Technology Challenges w/ Brad Koehn

Episode 48

Redefining the Ad Agency Business: A Discussion w/ Michael Farmer

Episode 47

Essential Considerations for Technology Selection and Implementation w/ Simon England

Episode 46

(Part 1) Understanding the Unique Intricacies of a Consulting Firm w/ Simon England

Episode 45

The Formula to Growing World-Class Professional Services Organizations w/ Ilan Gendellman

Episode 44

The Components of a Successful Technology Consultancy w/ Michael Burton

Episode 43

How to Win Business Without Pitching w/ Blair Enns

Episode 42

AI Advancements and the Impact on Project Management w/ Peter Taylor

Episode 41

(Part 2) Successful Project Dynamics and How to Effectively Manage Change w/ Shane Anastasi

Episode 40

(Part 1) How To Achieve More Successful Outcomes from Implementation Projects w/ Shane Anastasi

Episode 39

The Shift in Evaluating the Right Technology Investments w/ Jared Haleck

Episode 38

Agency Spending, Strategic Priorities, and Key Industry Trends w/ Tom Beck

Episode 37

Prioritizing Employee Experience Amidst Labor Volatility w/ Gina Hartigan

Episode 36

How to Optimize Your Business During Uncertain Economic Times w/Charles Gustine

Episode 35

Creating a Collective Culture and Enhancing the Remote Employee Experience w/ Christine Dunham

Episode 34

Professional Services Performance Trends and the Benefits of PSA w/ SPI’s Dave Hofferberth

Episode 33

Understand and Improve Your Resource Forecasting Performance w/ Marc Lacroix

Episode 32

Challenges, Trends and Tips for Leading a Successful Business in 2023 w/ Michael Speranza

Episode 31

(Part 2) Delivering Repeatable and Remarkable Customer Experiences w/ Peter Wride

Episode 30

The Evolution and Redesign of Modern Marketing and Advertising Needs w/ Lindsey Slaby

Episode 29

(Part 1) The Equation for Customer Success According to Gainsight w/ Peter Wride

Episode 28

How to Get Optimal Value From the Agency/Client Relationship w/ Bruno Gralpois

Episode 27

(Part 2) 5 Customer Experience Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making w/ Jessica Noble

Episode 26

(Part 1) Optimizing Customer and Employee Experience to Find Operational Excellence w/ Jessica Noble

Episode 25

The Biggest PS Tech Challenges and How Vertical SaaS Is Creating Solutions w/ Charles Gustine

Episode 24

Resource Management Automation Trends and Future Predictions w/ Randy Mysliviec

Episode 23

How to Set Your Professional Services Teams Up for Success w/ Carrie Young

Episode 22

The Changing Labor Market & Impact of Shifting Talent Pools w/ Brent and Banoo

Episode 21

How to Drive Growth and Adoption While Creating Customers for Life w/ Dave Yusuf

Episode 20

Recruiting in the Digital Age, How to Build Relationships From Home w/ Sean Kogan

Episode 19

The Key to Growth, Scale and Success in a Networked Economy w/ Ray Grainger

Episode 18

The Key Pillars of Effective Change Leadership w/ Peter Hadas

Episode 17

Introducing Our New Co-Host - Banoo Behboodi

Episode 16

The Power of More Strategic Pitches and Driving Organic Growth w/ Brent Hodgins

Episode 15

Mastering the RFP Process and Winning at Change Management and Adoption w/Tom Schoen

Episode 14

Productizing Services for Better Utilization and Employee Satisfaction w/Owen Frivold

Episode 13

Top Trends in Resource Utilization: A Conversation with RMI’s Randy Mysliviec

Episode 12

Improving Agency Operations With Technology, Data and Automation w/ Bear Forsyth

Episode 11

The 5 Biggest IT Trends Shaping the PS Space w/Brian Sommer

Episode 10

Marrying the Art and Science of People and Technology w/ Devon DeBlasio

Episode 9

Moving From Financial Charters to Driving Customer Adoption w/John Ragsdale

Episode 8

Positioning Your Business for Success while Avoiding Unprofitable Growth w/ Tim Williams

Episode 7

Industry Merger Shakes Up the PS Technology Industry: Meet the Leader of the Mavenlink / Kimble Organization

Episode 6

Calibrating Against Change and Developing a Strategic Operations Mindset w/ Melissa Korzun

Episode 5

Balancing Culture and Strategy in a Modern Agency

Episode 4

Finding Competitive Advantage with a Liquid Workforce w/ John Ragsdale

Episode 3

Defusing Talent Pressure Points to Find Harmony Between Project Managers and Resource Managers w/ Peter Taylor

Episode 2

The Challenges and Trends Shaping The Future of Services Delivery w/ Ray Grainger, Sean Crafts & Roger Neel

Episode 1

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