Metova Increases Billable Utilization by 10% With Kantata

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Metova, Inc.
What Kantata Replaced
Google Sheets

The Challenge

As a global technology firm developing custom telehealth and internet of things solutions, Metova needed to juggle a wide variety of projects, each with their own unique demands and teams. Dependence on several legacy solutions, including an abundance of Google Sheets, was inhibiting the organization’s ability to grow. As a result, the team at Metova experienced several distinct challenges in their everyday work, including:

Spreadsheet Slowdown

Teams and project managers at Metova were largely reliant on Google Sheets to keep track of and coordinate their projects, as well as to document both the skills and availability of resources, leading to errors and slowing projects down.

Lack of Reporting

Because of Google Sheets’ lack of features and inability to integrate with Jira, Metova project managers were unable to easily generate the project reports they needed, preventing the level of insights required for continued refinement and success.

“One of the biggest issues we were running into was the lack of consistency across projects,” said Shannon Harris, VP of Finance & Operations. “Because we had no real project management system and everything was run out of Jira, each project manager was left to their own devices as to how they wanted to run a project.”

Metova, Inc. is a technology firm that helps companies transform their business through technology to meet the growing expectations of modern customers. Metova defines and builds experiences their clients expect, aligns their support with business goals to streamline workflows, and increases client revenues while delighting their customers.

“Having a simple and intuitive single source of truth that Kantata offers around our projects is hugely impactful for our teams.”

Shannon Harris

VP of Finance & Operations, Metova

The Solution

As Metova continued to grow and experience success, it was time to move past Google Sheets and find a solution that could scale with the business. After searching for a new project management and PPM solution, the team at Metova selected Kantata for its ability to meet several critical requirements for Metova’s long-term success, including:

Jira Compatibility

Kantata allowed Metova to continue using the customizations they had already created in Jira and have information flow seamlessly into Kantata thanks to an intuitive integration.

Reporting Capability

Metova project managers were tired of running the company off Google Sheets, and the customizable reports found in Kantata were exactly what the team needed.

On-Demand Project Visibility

Metova had limited visibility into projects. Kantata provided a view across the project portfolio as well as the visibility in each project that Metova needed to address issues and avoid project complications.

“There were a lot of limitations across the board and Kantata was able to address all of them and give us that single source of truth we needed to standardize our company’s processes.”

Shannon Harris

VP of Finance & Operations, Metova


  • Billable utilization improvement
  • Standardized project management processes
  • Portfolio-wide visibility and control
  • Company-wide adoption for project management and time tracking

Increase in billable utilization

Detailed Portfolio-Wide Project Visibility

The Results

Streamlined Resourcing

Today, Kantata is used “religiously” at Metova to manage and plan resources. Every resource is tracked in detail, including their individual financial forecasts. The result is that, in the event of unexpected last minute project needs, project managers can request the exact resource they need, with much needed visibility into skills and availability.

Company-Wide Kantata Adoption

Every employee at Metova uses Kantata. Software engineers use it for project management , managing tasks, estimates, and tracking time. Project managers use it to approve time sheets and create KPI reports. Leadership uses it for reporting. Operations uses Kantata to manage the overall direction of Metova, and Sales uses it to better manage client pipeline expectations.

Utilization Improvements Through Visibility

Having a strong and reliable resource management solution has made a major difference at Metova, helping them leverage the diverse skill sets available across the organization. The ability to track skills in a single place and have visibility into the projects each resource has worked on in the past is tremendously impactful. Thanks to Kantata, Metova has experienced a 10% increase in billable utilization.

“Resourcing was a challenge and a huge headache. Time tracking before Kantata was challenging to just invoice customers because it took so much reconciliation. With Kantata, you can just click select all and send.”

Shannon Harris

VP of Finance & Operations, Metova

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