TeleTracking Increases Billable Utilization by 37% with Kantata

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The Challenge

TeleTracking needed a resource management solution that could provide support in several crucial areas, including their time tracking practices, resource utilization and forecasting capacity. Their search for a solution led them to consider OpenAir PSA before they found Kantata.

TeleTracking provides patient flow automation solutions to the healthcare industry to solve today’s pressing hospital needs.Their mission is to optimize workflow and improve timely patient care.

The Solution

Sales Pipeline Visibility

Kantata enabled long-term scheduling and insights into both in-office and remote employees to reduce benchtime. These insights into upcoming project demands help make the most of each resource.

Detailed Utilization Reports

TeleTracking dealt with frequent time entry miscategorization and inconsistent utilization definitions, which made it difficult to understand employee utilization and needs.

Accurate Time Tracking Capabilities

Kantata helped TeleTracking overcome the limitations and unclear requirements of their previous systems, which had led to inaccurate utilization, lower compliance rates and inaccurate project budgets, which were compounding other challenges.


  • 100% time tracking compliance
  • 13% increase in hours in 2 weeks
  • 18% increase in hours to date
  • 37% increase in billable utilization

Increase in billable utilization


Compliance with time tracking

The Results

Massive Gains in Resource Utilization

Adopting Kantata has helped TeleTracking achieve 100% compliance with their time tracking policies, ensuring all team members are reporting correctly. This has resulted in TeleTracking experiencing a 37% increase in billable utilization between 2018 and 2019. In addition, the company has benefited from improved Work-in-Progress (WIP) accounting through Kantata.

Robust Time Tracking

Previously, TeleTracking was not tracking all time for remote, technical teams, despite having a large number of those employees. Insights provided by Kantata create visibility into how resources are being used and prevent underutilization by helping managers understand how their entire team can operate more effectively, with an 18% increase in hours to date.

Long-Term Forecasting for Capacity

TeleTracking has utilized Kantata’s Unnamed Resource Feature to allow named resources to be scheduled closer to actual events and has used Resource Center to assure all resources both remote and on-site are scheduled effectively. In addition, Insights Reports support real-time, objective capacity planning.

“Being able to finally have this ecosystem with Kantata where we could look at our resources as a whole and see where they were deployed, what they were focused on, what skill sets we had available, balance out the workload for our resource pool and the forecast was a huge opportunity.”

Jane Everett Goering

Resource Manager, TeleTracking Technologies

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