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Five Reasons Why Results Matter Most

Five Reasons Why Results Matter Most

UPDATEDDec 08, 2022

by Sean Crafts

We live in a world that is obsessed with results and measurement. What was the score of last night’s Angels vs. Red Sox game? How many gold medals does Michael Phelps have? Who’s dominating America’s Got Talent right now? Measuring results is equally important inside the office. Did we hit our sales targets? How many leads did we receive from that campaign? What’s our market share?

From business, to sports, to reality tv, the reality is… results measure how successful we are as human beings. It’s particularly important to measure your results in project management. Good project managers always measure the final results. If we didn’t measure, how would we celebrate our successes and learn from our failures? We are all human. Here are 5 reasons why results matter most to us:

Five Reasons Why Results Matter Most:

1. Good or bad, results drive most decisions made in business today.

Is it worth my money? Let’s face it, smooth-talking sales executive, we’re not going to spend a billion dollars on a campaign that generated 0 revenue, even if you take me to the latest swanky, hipster spot for lunch. That’s just common sense.

2. Five years from now (or sometimes five minutes) no one will remember how “hard the team worked” on the project that failed.

Is it worth my time? It’s good to see the numbers so you can properly allocate the right time and resources on a project. If it’s sucking up valuable time and resources without positive results, it’s so not worth it!

3. While processes are important, people sometimes get caught up in becoming really good at something while missing the point of the process entirely … the results.

Let’s not waste time. Make sure the time invested is actually producing a final result. What is your reasoning for spending 30 hours formatting an Excel spreadsheet? What do you want to accomplish for this activity?

4. Short term, results drive investment in new business.

Not sure about the investment? Take baby steps! Test part of a project or campaign before committing to a full investment. Don’t forget to measure. This helps foster new ideas and evaluate if it’s an appropriate fit for your company.

5. Long term, shareholders and markets reward results.

Pop that champagne bottle! All of the time it takes to continuously measure and document our results, efficiency, resources, time, productivity and ROI are finally paying off. You hit your numbers; your stock price is going up. Knowing what works and doesn’t keeps us honest and leads to a future of success.

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