Kantata SX

Salesforce-Native Professional Services Cloud

  • G2 Ranked #1 in Resource Management
  • G2 Leader in Professional Services Automation
  • G2 Top 10 in Project Management

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    The Executive

    Kantata, built natively on Salesforce, revolutionizes executive strategy and planning in professional services. It provides a real-time snapshot of key KPIs, enhances revenue tracking, and offers predictive forecasting. With its 360-degree account overview, it ensures smooth operations and promotes informed decision-making.

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    The Scoping Manager

    Kantata, built on the Salesforce platform, delivers an integrated solution for scoping managers. It provides instant access to sales data and offers Intelligent Insights to guide decision-making. With flexible proposal templates and an intuitive proposal modeler, Kantata simplifies the scoping process and streamlines resource allocation. This ensures effective collaboration between sales and resourcing, enabling managers to focus on value delivery, precise pricing, and optimal resource utilization for successful project outcomes.

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    The Resource Manager

    As a Resource Manager, Kantata streamlines staffing through automated matching, early supply-demand warnings, and soft booking capabilities. It also provides a bench view for balanced utilization. Overall, Kantata boosts employee satisfaction and optimizes resource allocation for better business performance.

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    The Project Manager

    Kantata offers project managers a comprehensive control center. The dashboard allows financial tracking and adjustments via change orders. Task planning aids in managing work breakdowns and resource allocation. Kantata's insights prompt urgent tasks, such as timesheet approval. Kantata streamlines project management, ensuring effective oversight and predictable delivery.

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    The Consultant

    Kantata provides consultants with a platform for task management, tracking utilization, and pursuing assignments of interest. It simplifies time entry with pre-populated time cards and mobile access for expense claims. Kantata's transparency and flexibility enhance job satisfaction and workflow efficiency.

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    The Finance Manager

    Kantata simplifies the tasks of finance managers into weekly and monthly actions. It manages timecards, handles approvals, and tracks milestones for accurate forecasts. Its flexible invoicing interfaces with your finance system, minimizing manual errors and ensuring precise AR balances. Kantata reduces revenue leakage, automates invoicing, and provides accurate forecasts, enhancing team efficiency.

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