Future-proof your staffing.

Accurately forecast required roles and skills to make smart staffing and hiring decisions.


of organizations depend on spreadsheets to support resource management processes like skills tracking, forecasting and workload planning. There is a better way!

Source: RMI Research


Kantata solves your biggest resource forecasting challenges.


Resource Allocation

Better visibility into skills and roles needed for upcoming projects



Adapting to changing requirements


Lead Time

Improving lead time required to staff a project


Financial Planning

Managing budgets effectively with accurate forecasting


Project Risks

Making smarter resource allocation decisions for better project outcomes

  • Resourcing Dashboard

    Make better decisions with granular insight into supply and demand, forecast utilization, resource requests, and scheduled vs. allocated hours. 

  • Capacity Analytics

    Quickly detect potential under- or oversupply and understand capacity across business units with powerful analytics so you can take corrective action to utilize employees more efficiently.

  • Candidate Assignments

    Compare resources, including internal vs. external resources, side by side in terms of skills, availability, and margin.

  • Skills Profiling on Unsold Work

    Pre-plan and soft-book resources before the contract is even signed so you can see how your resources will be utilized and identify any skills gaps that exist.

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Resourcing Dashboard

The Kantata Professional Services Cloud lets customers ditch spreadsheets, get data they actually trust and make smarter staffing decisions.

"Instead of relying on a combination of gut feel and spreadsheets, I can confidently put together the best teams for each engagement and press the button on the recruitment process much sooner."

Resourcing Director, Logicalis UK

CheckmarkBuild resource forecast in hours instead of 2-3 days
CheckmarkImprove billing and invoicing processes
CheckmarkImprove confidence in resourcing data
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