Episode 60

February 8, 2024

How Technology Is Transforming Value Delivery for PS Firms w/ Sarah Edwards & Jared Haleck

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Sarah Edwards and Jared Haleck, Chief Product Officers at Kantata, join us to talk about the role of professional services technology in our current market and how it has become so much more than just a way to track margins and operating process.

Other topics in this episode include:

  • Why vertical SaaS has become critical to success in modern services businesses
  • How the staffing manager model has changed and the demands shaping the industry
  • How technology is impacting, transforming, and keeping pace with the PS value chain
  • The pitfalls of legacy PSA tools and the cost of continuing to use outdated technology to run your business
  • Key technical innovations in the PS industry and what Kantata is working on to help firms deliver value to clients
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Banoo Behboodi

Vice President, Success Engineering

Banoo Behboodi is a 20+ year software and services leader with extensive experience executing change initiatives with oversight of Customer Success, Professional Services and Delivery and Consulting functions. Banoo’s earlier experiences with AT&T Mobility, Coca-Cola Company and Ernst & Young leading key transformational and compliance projects, provided the foundation needed to be an effective leader and a change agent with a customer first mindset. Banoo is passionate about driving continuous improvement through sharing best practices and empowering resources through technology and analytics to optimize performance and job satisfaction while driving business outcomes.


Brent Trimble

Vice President, Value Engineering

Brent Trimble is a 15+ year agency leadership veteran who has led agency growth and operation initiatives. As Kantata's VP of Value Engineering and the Managing Director of Marketing Service & Agency Vertical, he specializes in mapping and improving agency workflows. Deploying market understanding and best practices, Brent helps agencies refine processes and staffing dynamics. He isolates key metric improvements resulting in faster revenue recognition and ultimately models performance impact. Before joining Kantata Brent held positions at Interpublic Group, Accenture, WPP, independent agencies and consulting firms.