Episode 17 Transcript

Introducing Our New Co-Host - Banoo Behboodi

    Brent Trimble: Hey everyone, welcome back to the Professional Services Pursuit podcast. I'm excited today because we want to take a few minutes to introduce a new co-host who's gonna be joining and running some really great compelling episodes. Banoo Behboodi is a VP of advisory services and has a really great diverse background executing corporate initiatives with oversight of customer success, customer service, delivery and consulting. She'll provide some really great insights to the show and has a really great wealth of knowledge and practical experience, both in implementation as well as strategy. So Banoo, welcome, it'd be great if you could tell the audience a little bit more about yourself, walk us through a bit of the background and your rich experience and what you're looking forward to most about being a host on the show.

    Banoo Behboodi: Thanks Brent. I'm super excited to have been asked to be a co-host with you. As a listener of the podcast myself, I've been enjoying them so far. A little bit of background on myself, before Mavenlink I was with a company called Sphera that is in environmental, health and safety, sustainability, software and consulting. I had leadership roles in both services, customer success, as well as consulting within Sphera for about 10 years. And before that I was with AT&T and wireless, as well as Coca-Cola, leading transformational and continuous improvement type initiatives within both those organizations. And I started my career at Ernst & Young, so I’m very happy to be here. I'm super excited to actually meet and have interviews and discussions with some of the speakers we have lined up to explore new ideas. And to push the dial within the professional services with the ultimate goal of learning more ways that we can make sure that we have our colleagues’ resources engaged and we're retaining our best resources. Which then ultimately will lead to a fantastic customer experience and revenue growth for our customers and ourselves. So very excited to be a co-host and be able to drive some of those discussions and conversations and learn myself along the way.

    Brent Trimble: That's great. And I think what our guests really appreciate and listeners of course, is just the experience someone like you can bring to the conversation and the different texture and nuance. And being able to really isolate some great practical knowledge, as well as strategic trends that we see across the industry, so I'm really excited about that. Before we wrap your introduction for today, I hear there's a question that you like to ask guests and even clients in consulting engagements, so we'll turn the tables on you a little bit. What book is on your nightstand or desk right now?

    Banoo Behboodi: Yeah, thanks for asking that question. One of the things, when I was asked to co-host this, was can I ask this question because I'm always looking for a good list. So from my perspective, I've just started reading the 21 Lessons for the 21st Century by Yuval Noah Harari, who also wrote Sapiens; a great historian. And the way he sort of associates history to our current life and uses history to explain where we're at today, I find very insightful. So I can't provide a recommendation yet because I just started it, but maybe next time around I'll have more insight on this book. But in parallel, I'm also rereading Untethered Soul by Michael Singer. A fantastic book, highly recommended, very inspirational and thought-provoking in terms of providing context on how you think about life and challenges of life and opportunities in life. Fantastic read. And one last recommendation is Blinkist. I subscribe to Blinkist and it's a great way to get a 10-minute overview of some high-hitter books. And then from there, you can decide whether you wanna read more into it or not, but also a great resource for those of you who are readers out there. So thanks for asking that question and I look forward to playing that down and asking it of the guests we have.

    Brent Trimble: No, great and in an added benefit to the episode, some great takeaways for reading recommendations. So for those listening, we always like to say thank you for downloading and being a part of the Professional Services Pursuit podcast community and that's all for today. We look forward to uploading some new sessions and some new episodes that are in the queue. Thanks again for listening.