Episode 37

March 16, 2023

Prioritizing Employee Experience Amidst Labor Volatility w/ Gina Hartigan

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On this episode of the podcast we bring you another live session from our LinkedIn Live series that is tackling the key trends shaping 2023. From the “Great Resignation” of 2021/2022 to the current situation in 2023, companies have had to swing from increased compensation to layoffs, despite still facing skills gaps and talent shortages. Kantata’s CPO, Gina Hartigan, joins Banoo to discuss these challenges and how to develop a more agile and valued workforce.

Other topics covered in this episode are:

  • The multidimensional approach required to overcoming the hiring and skills gap
  • The long term effects and how businesses will need to adapt to the current labor market
  • The new labor currency - flexibility and career development
  • How to optimize your hiring process and do more with your existing workforce
  • The importance of streamlined processes and automation

Banoo Behboodi

Vice President, Success Engineering

Banoo Behboodi is a 20+ year software and services leader with extensive experience executing change initiatives with oversight of Customer Success, Professional Services and Delivery and Consulting functions. Banoo’s earlier experiences with AT&T Mobility, Coca-Cola Company and Ernst & Young leading key transformational and compliance projects, provided the foundation needed to be an effective leader and a change agent with a customer first mindset. Banoo is passionate about driving continuous improvement through sharing best practices and empowering resources through technology and analytics to optimize performance and job satisfaction while driving business outcomes.


Brent Trimble

Vice President, Value Engineering

Brent brings more than 15+ year’s of leadership experience in Management Consulting, Strategic Delivery, Marketing services and product development firms to his technology role at Kantata. As the VP of Value Engineering and the Managing Director of Marketing Service & Agency Vertical, he specializes in identifying process improvement potential, business optimization and key health metrics for alignment and orientation.

With deep business understanding through an operator lens - Brent works with Kantata partner firms to refine intrinsic and extrinsic value drivers - giving firm principals the focus required for adoption, mobilization, value realization and ultimately - success.

Prior to joining Kantata, Brent was a client of the platform and held positions at Interpublic Group, Accenture, WPP, and independent marketing consulting firms.