Financial Management

Increase accuracy and maximize profitability

Financial Management
Improve bottom-line results with in-the-moment financial insights. Simplify financial management and strengthen margins from your pipeline to ongoing projects.
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Get better control

Maximize project profitability, make informed decisions and improve the bottom-line with financial insights and granular control:

  • Get real-time visibility into current forecast and revenue recognition
  • Plan, estimate and propose with precision
  • Accurately measure KPIs with standard reports and dashboards
  • Connect your projects with your financial systems, including support for ASC 606 and IFRS 15 revenue recognition standards

Prevent errors and revenue leakage

Stay ahead of financial management issues on a project and monthly basis:

  • Develop realistic budgets and achievable margins
  • Get the visibility needed to run projects on budget
  • Guide users to priority actions with intelligent insights
  • Better understand pipeline forecasts with dashboards

Optimize billing and payments

Invoice at the earliest possible opportunity to maximize cash flow and reduce debt, while you minimize billing disputes:

  • Flag invoiceable items ready to be billed
  • Generate and dispatch invoices with ease
  • Configure invoices to fit your business and your brand

Streamline month-end

Get a clear picture of revenue to minimize headaches and make closing easier and less stressful:

  • Take fast action on delays or errors
  • Update forecasts automatically as revenue is recognized
  • Close the month with ease and report directly to the finance system

Simplify time and expense submissions

Give your users options to make time and expense tasks easier from wherever they are:

  • Track time, expenses and costs across clients and projects
  • Use the mobile app to set work timers, generate expense claims and work on-the-go
  • Define project-based time and expense parameters to reduce errors and rejections
  • Automate dynamic approval routing by project

“One of the main benefits of Kantata from a finance point of view has been reducing our debtor days. By having a much more accurate and efficient invoicing process, we're able to get our invoices out quickly.”

Luther Cornelius, Project Manager

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Get the clarity, control and confidence only Kantata delivers