CloudStratex Scales with Ease Using Kantata as Source of Truth

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Single Source of Truth

CloudStratex, a leading IT services and consulting organisation based in London, focused on both strategy and execution, helps businesses effectively leverage next-generation services and accelerate toward self-sufficiency. CloudStratex is an outcome-focused firm, dedicated to the implementation of technologies and practices that enable Enterprise organisations to achieve operational efficiency, integration, and resilience through its own incubation and knowledge transfer techniques. As a team of industry veterans who had successfully launched prior successful companies, CloudStratex knew a PSA solution would also support their plans to quickly scale as a start-up organisation. With Kantata, CloudStratex has experienced:

  • Improved visibility and access to current and future business health via desktop and mobile
  • Streamlined scale and reduced friction through their period of growth during the first three years
  • Reduced time spent on administrative tasks and increased time spent on value-add activities

“If we didn’t have a single tool and had multiple sources of the truth, it would have been very difficult to grow at the rate that we have. Today, we are able to focus on growth and not argue about the numbers — we trust the numbers in Kantata. As a start-up, the last thing we want to be doing is questioning data. We want to be spot-on. Kantata enables us to do that.”

Tony Irving

Chief Operating Officer, CloudStratex

Headquartered in London, CloudStratex has already secured several industry accolades, including ServiceNow ‘Premier Partner’ status in record time and ranked #1 Fastest Growing Private IT Services company in the UK by the prestigious Sunday Times 100, together with securing the Scale-up Entrepreneur of the Year at the annual Scale-up Enterprise Awards.

The Challenge

Established in 2019, CloudStratex focuses on enhancing the flexibility and resiliency of organisations so they can face modern business challenges. As CloudStratex’s founders considered what technology would equip their start-up with the flexibility and resiliency needed to face the challenges ahead, they turned to Kantata. According to Chief Operating Officer, Tony Irving, “When we started the company, I was determined we would put a system in place that would support us through at least our first few years. We used Kantata at our previous company and we were familiar with it. We knew it was easily configurable and scalable — we didn’t even look at anyone else. We knew what we needed and we knew Kantata could do that.”

“In our last company a lot of our project and finance was run on complex spreadsheets that didn’t reflect the reality of the business… Now there is only one version of the truth, and that is Kantata. Kantata is the one source of data across finance, sales, delivery, and resourcing.”

Tony Irving

Chief Operating Officer, CloudStratex

The Solution

Visibility into Business Performance

The CloudStratex team has customised a set of standard Kantata reports — covering aspects like revenue, margin, utilisation, and overdue invoices — to fit their specific needs. Kantata is the first reference point during sales, delivery, resourcing, and leadership meetings to provide a snapshot of how the business is doing and how it is measuring up against KPIs. The solution provides a comprehensive and up-to-date view of how the business is performing — ensuring everyone has access to the same information.

Reduced Time Spent on Administrative Tasks

As a growing start-up, the CloudStratex team wanted to shift time and attention away from administrative work and create more time for value-add work. They knew the focus would be on landing clients at the beginning, and they did not want to waste time reconciling spreadsheets or questioning data accuracy instead of bringing in new customers. Today, the team is able to focus on the work that really matters while Kantata takes care of automating tasks and reducing the administrative burden.


  • Improved visibility to current and future business health via desktop and mobile
  • Streamlined scale and reduced friction during a period of significant growth
  • Reduced administrative tasks freeing up value time for value-added activities (or for client-facing work)
  • Streamlined operations with reports tailored to meet unique needs
  • Improved data accuracy/clarity enabled data-driven decision making

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