Hakkoda Improves Project Margin by 10% with Kantata

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The Challenge

In just two short years, Hakkoda grew from just six to over 200 employees. The team needed a more sophisticated tool that could support this scale and provide the data and insights needed to effectively run the business. Hakkoda sought out a tool to streamline daily operations and plan for the future with confidence.

Hakkoda enables data-driven organizations to innovate, automate, and uncover opportunity. Hakkoda was founded to help Snowflake customers realize the true value of their data.

The Solution

Hakkoda leverages the data and insights from Kantata to more effectively track projects. According to Corey Ariss, VP of Operations & Technology, “Our overall project success and delivery has gone up because we’ve got the insights and the metrics to be able to see how projects are tracking.” 

The team uses Kantata to more proactively and strategically manage resources, resulting in improved utilization rates and project margins. Corey shares, “The thing that I fell in love with the most was the resource planning functionality. Being able to visually see where people were staffed, what percentage are staffed, and where we can actually allocate them further, that was the primary driver for choosing Kantata.”


  • 3x increase in forecasting horizon, from 4 weeks to 3-6 months
  • Improved project success rate and project margins
  • More effective and proactive resource planning
  • Reduced bench time between projects

absolute improvement in average project margin


improvement in allocated resource utilization rate

“We went from focusing on the next 4 weeks to forecasting out 3-6 months ahead with Kantata, which has allowed us to keep our headcount growth aligned with our revenue growth, ultimately resulting in better overall margins.”

Corey Ariss

VP of Operations & Technology, Hakkoda

The Results

Healthy Utilization Rates

Hakkoda has been able to more efficiently manage resources with Kantata, resulting in consistently healthy utilization metrics. According to Corey Ariss, “Utilization rates are quite high right now. We’ve been able to stay at about 80% allocated utilization for the past 6 months and we wouldn’t be able to do that if we didn’t have a tool like Kantata.”

More Confident Forecasts

Kantata enables Hakkoda to look further out on the horizon and plan for the future with confidence, tripling the forecasting horizon the business could look at with confidence. Corey explains, “Kantata has allowed us to be more future-looking, focusing more on forecasting the next quarter, the next two quarters, even a year out. Versus before we were very much day to day trying to keep our head above water.”

Improved Margins

Kantata equips the team with the data and insights to properly track projects and manage resources, which has improved client satisfaction and ultimately margins across the business. Corey shares, “The past couple of quarters we’ve had really high margins because we’ve been able to see where people potentially have an issue of capacity or have additional hours they could be logging. Client satisfaction and the ability to better manage our resources is driving margins up.”

“I wish I would have moved to Kantata sooner. There were a lot of blind spots previously, and Kantata gives you the tools and the data you need to be able to run your business.”

Corey Ariss

VP of Operations & Technology, Hakkoda

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