How Kantata Helps Mi-GSO | PCUBED to Build a Platform for Growth

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Ambitious Growth Plans

Project Management and PMO Consultancy Mi-GSO | PCUBED (M-P) delivers high-value project management services to clients across the globe. According to Peter Wilson, Head of Consulting and Global CIO at M-P, “Before Kantata, we had a mixture of disparate systems not only to perform functions but in different countries. It really was a real mixture of systems and spreadsheets trying to manage the organization. We had to change because we had a very ambitious growth strategy and we needed to grow with the same cost base.”

Kantata was ultimately selected because of its wide range of functionality purpose-built for professional services. Peter explains, “We purchased Kantata because we had a real need to purchase software to run our business effectively. We needed to improve our efficiencies, and integrated software was the way forward. We chose Kantata because it’s focused very much on professional services functionality.”


Mi-GSO | PCUBED is the world’s leading consultancy dedicated to project, program, portfolio, and change management. M-P has become the trusted delivery partner of the most recognizable brands in Aeronautics, Defense, Automotive, Transport, Financial Services, and Energy as well as Government organizations, helping them convert their big ideas into reality.

“The whole end-to-end engagement management and invoicing capability Kantata provides is absolutely critical for us. We also use the software for future forecasting, profitability analysis, and resource management”

Peter Wilson

Head of Consulting & Global CI0, M-P

The Solution

Peter Wilson, who oversaw the implementation of Kantata, shares, “we are far more disciplined now in the way we run our business processes, and that’s essential for us to be able to manage our business using accurate data.”

Revenue has increased since adopting Kantata. According to Peter, “We’ve certainly increased our revenue, mainly by reducing the number of lost billing days, which was a major problem historically. Our debtor days are are significantly less than they were previously. This has been through the ability to invoice more rapidly and accurately.”

The entire services arm of M-P uses Kantata today. Peter shares, “In terms of usage of Kantata within the organization, it’s 100% — which are 400 globally — and everyone uses it to varying degrees. So everyone enters their timesheets and expenses; consultants and management use it for other functions.”

Peter explains, “The whole end-to-end process of managing opportunities, engagements, and invoicing, together with the vitally important element of resource management and profitability management is well catered for within the software and it’s helped us to transform our business by having management information that we can actually use to run the business.”


  • Effective allocation of resources
  • Timely & accurate invoices
  • Reduction in debtor & lost billing days
  • Improved forecast accuracy

adoption of Kantata across 400+ person services team

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