Kantata Helps Paragon DCX Reduce Companywide Administrative Task Time by 30%

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Paragon DCX

The Challenge

Paragon DCX relied on a variety of tools to support their project management needs and time was tracked across multiple systems. The lack of integrations severely limited access to critical data insights leaving DCX managers with conflicting hours and a massive workload to consolidate and coordinate projects. The search for a solution that could create a single source of truth led to Kantata.

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The Solution

Simplified Reporting

Kantata’s one-button push reporting capability was a major change for the DCX management team, allowing them to get insights into resources and projects faster than ever and make critical decisions regarding team assignments and resource management.

Strong Project Governance

Automated project creation and Kantata’s integration with Jira and Salesforce provided DCX with the ability to immediately begin managing a new project and better control each aspect of its execution.

Consolidated Time Tracking

With Kantata time tracking, employees could enter their time into a single location, which reflects their work in every project and system. Having this capability made a huge difference in both time entry accuracy and the time required to review billable project hours.


  • Administrative task time reduced by 30%
  • Reliable time tracking integration with Jira
  • Projected versus actual costs improve project budgeting accuracy
  • Utilization rates inform better staffing and project decisions

Reduction in time on administrative tasks

Time tracking with Jira

The Results

Massive Administrative Support

Today, DCX has found a single source of truth with Kantata. Managers now spend time on crucial tasks instead of continual analysis. Not only can DCX rely on the insights they receive, but Kantata has reduced administrative task time by 30% for the entire company.

Performance-Supporting Reports

DCX uses a variety of Kantata dashboards and reports to understand revenue, billing, cost of resources and more to accurately determine margins. Meanwhile, utilization reports help teams make steady improvements in performance and forecasting supports critical adjustments for long-term success.

Time Tracking Improvements

Kantata’s Jira integration provides DCX’s engineers with timesheets automatically built from their time recorded against tickets. The result is vastly improved time tracking compliance and non-billable time tracking.

Faster, Better Decisions

Today, DCX’s projects are on time and on budget. Kantata helps managers look across their entire project portfolio to know if every project is on track. Seeing target utilization rates by department, skill set, person and more has helped critical decisions about staffing and project management.

“The number one thing I love about Kantata is that it solved problems I didn’t know I had. And the fact that it revealed those problems to us made it an eye-opening solution. We had a lack of clarity into our data and literally overnight, you could see a complete reversal in our understanding.”

Andrew Forsyth

Head of Operations, Paragon DCX

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