Kantata Helps Proclaim Interactive Hit 19% Year-Over-Year Growth

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Proclaim Interactive
What Kantata Replaced
Countersoft Gemini Tracker, TSheets

The Challenge

When Proclaim Interactive expanded its services, the resource management and PSA systems it had relied on simply couldn’t scale with the organization. Proclaim needed a purpose-built resource management and PSA solution that could manage multiple concurrent projects for all of its clients and reconcile budgets against project progress. The search, which included Basecamp, Workamajig, Asana, and Wrike, led the firm to Kantata.

Proclaim Interactive is an established, think-out-of-the-box website design and digital marketing agency with a team of professionals who are ready to bring you more clients, patients, supporters and sales. Through a constantly-expanding skill set and partnership arrangements with top-tier companies, Proclaim Interactive provides a single source for their clients’ web service needs.

The Solution

From Inefficient Project Management to Fast and Accurate Time Tracking

In the past, Proclaim Interactive spent about 45 minutes daily verifying the accuracy of employee time tracking. Kantata’s time tracking allows the team to understand how each employee’s work impacts the completion of every project. This helps the company decrease billing errors, improve the accuracy of estimates, and prevent costly scope creep, which they previously could not clearly define.

Critical Project Burn Rates

Project burn rate tracking in Kantata gives Proclaim the ability to keep track of every ongoing, concurrent project across every client. These data-driven business insights give Proclaim the ability to make fast, effective interventions and quickly create new project proposals and contracts.


  • 19% year-over-year growth
  • Increase in average revenue per client
  • 95% time tracking compliance
  • Improved utilization

Growth in average revenue per client


Increase in number of clients

The Results

Company-Wide Strategic Improvements

Kantata’s purpose-built operations management capabilities helped the company focus on their people, which, in turn, improved strategic planning and provided better support for their leadership team.

Year-Over Year Profit Increases

After adopting Kantata, the average revenue per client has grown 255%. Increased efficiency has enabled Proclaim to expand its client base and experience a 19% year-over-year growth rate.

Company-Wide Daily Support

Today, everyone working at Proclaim Interactive uses Kantata. Task automation and software integrations have helped free up countless hours for every team member involved in delivering marketing projects to clients.

Insights Drive Resource Optimization

Kantata’s Business Insights brought the granular details Proclaim Interactive needs to continue growing and succeeding. With Kantata, Proclaim has optimized their resources by hitting 95% time tracking compliance this year and a 20% improvement in utilization rate.

“There was a huge need for Kantata. Kantata gave us a deeper understanding of our needs and the ability to improve our scopes of work, our client relationships, our projects, and how we run our business.”

Rachel Stantliff

Director of Operations, Proclaim Interactive

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