RSM Improves Client Satisfaction and Global Business Processes with Kantata

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Homegrown Solution

The Challenge

As a consistently expanding organization, RSM needed support for their time-and work-intensive projects. They previously relied on a homegrown system called Global Tracker, but this solution was only providing the minimum support that the work required. RSM needed more control over resources and critical insights into project trends.

RSM provides a wide variety of services including global, public and private audit services, support for a wide variety of tax needs, as well as full service consulting and outsourcing services.

The Solution

Client Support

RSM needed to enable their business to better support clients through their Global Tracker system, which provides global statutory audit and tax compliance work. Kantata’s Insights and easy-to-use configuration made improved resource visibility and control possible.

Project Insights

Kantata’s project status reports and ability to provide automated critical information to each team member helped create a greater interconnectivity and a much easier pathway to finding crucial data for each resource’s role within a project.

Global Project Data

As a business that provides services around the world, RSM needed Kantata’s project portfolio level views through dashboards and reports, which can distinguish between each company and country views, down to local taxing bodies as needed.


  • Risk mitigation in global tax compliance
  • Templatized project creation
  • Improved team-client communication
  • Critical use of project status and KPIs

Critical use of project status & KPI's

Improved team-client communication

The Results

Company-wide Support

Today, the core program, project management, Global Compliance and Reporting Services teams are using Kantata daily in addition to team members in the tax and audit space. Their access to key performance indicators has helped managers better understand how their teams can improve their performance and better communicate.

Improved Communication

Kantata’s project permissions, roles and status reports helped RSM solve the complications that often come from projects that involve both team members and clients located around the world. Automated reports create clear communication and set client expectations appropriately for stronger project performance.

Replicable Project Creation

Kantata has helped RSM teams to find success and then reuse the most successful components of a project for their next one. Not having to recreate projects manually in spreadsheets has helped the organization standardize projects and tailor quickly to mitigate risk.

Satisfying Clients Around the World

RSM measures its success through high client satisfaction. The transparency of Kantata tools mitigates risk for very complex projects in over 50 countries, which has helped RSM continue to reach their goals for success.

“Kantata’s activity feed and the individualized project management views for people to log in and immediately see their projects, instead of having to sift through all projects, was a major difference given our global scale.”

Jon Caforio

Principal, Strategy and Management Consulting, RSM

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