Kantata Helps whyaye! Reach 80% Billable Utilization

Technology/IT Consulting
whyaye! Ltd.
What Kantata Replaced
Microsoft Excel

The Challenge

whyaye! was managing their projects and resources through Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, and a multitude of emails. As the organization grew they couldn’t access their project data and didn’t have the insights needed to efficiently manage their projects. Because of its aggressive growth targets, whyaye needed a project management solution flexible enough to fit today’s business needs and grow with the business.

whyaye! facilitate outcome led, technology-enabled change using smart and efficient approaches, creating positive noise, and generating energy, delivering some of the largest and successful IT transformations globally. We have experience across various industries including financial services, oil & gas, retail, and government bodies.

The Solution


Because of its aggressive growth targets, whyaye needed a solution flexible enough to keep up with scale. Kantata provided them with a solution to support this period of growth.

Trust and Visibility

With Kantata, whyaye! can give users role-based access for a balance of security and data insights as needed to support critical client IT transformation projects.

Full-Featured Solution

whyaye! chose Kantata knowing it would support the resource management services it was currently depending on. When combined with a modern, user-friendly design, and a strong product roadmap, whyaye! knew Kantata was the right choice.


  • Doubled in number of new clients every quarter
  • Support through constant business scaling

Increase in utilization


Increase in company size

The Results

Optimal Utilization

Thanks to having access to the data and operational information needed to deliver work and ensure its people are properly supported in their work, whyaye! experienced a 6% increase in utilization while also tripling in company size and doubling in new business clients every quarter.

Continued Resourcing Support

Kantata ensures that whyaye! has the right people at the right time on the right projects at the right cost. Through consistent dependable insights, the company is now hitting an 80% billable utilization rate.

Company-Wide Usage

Kantata is now used throughout whyaye. Administrators use the solution to inform accounts and forecast finances, Service Area Leads use Kantata for resourcing and enhancing business processes and skills. Project Leads use the software to manage projects and timesheets, and across the organization, people are given access to the specific information they need.

“We had a fantastic implementation. Kantata allows us to focus on what we should actually be doing instead of focusing on issues with our business processes.”

Joshua Broad

Company Secretary & Head of Operations, whyaye!

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