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Accedo Broadband Improves Project Margins with Kimble PSA

Accedo Broadband Improves Project Margins with Kimble PSA

Nov 12, 2021

Dynamic video experience pioneer reports improved project profitability, reduced revenue leakage, and optimized resource management with Kimble.

BOSTON, MA & LONDON, UK — November 11, 2021

Kimble Applications, the leading provider of cloud-based professional services automation (PSA) solutions, today announced one of their customers — Accedo Broadband — is achieving significantly noticeable improvements in tracking and measuring performance and profitability across the entire organization since implementing the PSA.

Accedo initially adopted Kimble in 2015 to replace a range of disintegrated tools and spreadsheets. As Accedo continued to grow, it was becoming increasingly difficult for project managers to see the impact of their decisions on margin and they needed a solution that would foster collaboration across teams. In addition, business leaders needed a way to make accurate forecasts, cash predictions, and set financial targets.

“Prior to using Kimble, we just didn’t have a lot of insight into how things impacted each other,” said Candace Yu, Director of Delivery Excellence at Accedo. “Our project managers didn’t have insight into the project budget or margins. WIthout a PSA, it is hard to see what the impact of adding one additional resource is on margin.”

According to Yu, adopting Kimble has transformed the business in a number of ways, from being able to better maintain project margin and reduce revenue leakage all the way up to keeping a handle on critical business metrics. Yu reports the following benefits of Kimble:

  • Visibility of finances across all projects and teams
  • Delivering projects at or above the margin at which they were sold
  • More effective resource management
  • Ability to set, track, and monitor KPIs across the entire business
  • Accurate forecasts and cash projections

Kimble has improved Accedo’s forecast accuracy, visibility into project financials, and overall business performance. Today, the team uses Kimble to keep a close eye on margin — and the levers that can be pulled prior to any negative impact on profitability. Having Kimble PSA in place means Accedo can be confident that they have an accurate, comprehensive, and up-to-date view of all revenue coming into the business. Yu reports:

“Before Kimble, we didn’t have a reliable, automated method of tracking this previously; everything was done in Excel sheets and trackers. Now we can see how sales, project teams, products, solutions, and service management are performing. We can set appropriate targets and meet them. Kimble is critical for us to manage our business. Without it, we wouldn’t have an effective mechanism for tracking and reporting business critical metrics.”

Kimble’s Chief Customer, Geoff Pople, on the improvements being realized at Accedo:

“It is incredible to see the impact that Kimble PSA is having on the ability to measure and track profitability at Accedo. It is a world-leading business in a fast-moving and dynamic sector and they are dealing with complex projects with lots of moving parts. Kimble is able to tie all that together and to give people throughout the business the information they need at their fingertips to make the best possible decisions in a timely way.”

To learn more about how Accedo Broadband leverages Kimble to support its objectives as a world-leading video experience pioneer read the entire Accedo customer story here.


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