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FDM Adopts Kimble to Support Impressive Expansion Across the Globe

FDM Adopts Kimble to Support Impressive Expansion Across the Globe

Feb 08, 2022

FDM scales international business while improving financial processes with Kimble PSA

BOSTON, MA & LONDON, UK —February 8th, 2022

Kimble Applications, the leading provider of cloud-based professional services automation (PSA) solutions, today announced one of their customers — FDM — has been able to scale at a global level while simultaneously improving the accuracy and reliability of their financial data since adopting Kimble PSA.

According to Luther Cornelius, Project Manager at FDM Group:

“Kimble gave us the confidence that we could continue with FDM’s expansion and rapidly growing consultant base in the knowledge that no matter what region or what requirements came up, Kimble could solve it for us.”

FDM Group provides graduates, returners to work, and ex-forces personnel with award-winning training as IT and business professionals. As FDM continued to scale, it became clear that their manual operations and processes would not support the growing business. With a focus on improving accuracy of financial data, they began looking for a PSA to streamline time, expense, payroll, and invoicing processes. Since adopting Kimble, FDM reports that they have been able to:

  • Improve timeliness and accuracy of financial data
  • Reduce debtor days, resulting in quicker cash turnaround
  • Foster better client collaboration through Kimble Community portal
  • Facilitate rapid expansion in new territories

FDM began the search for a PSA solution that was designed to support large, international businesses and would be able to grow alongside them. According to FDM’s Project Manager, Luther Cornelius:

“We could see Kimble was a very flexible system, which could meet all of our core functionality from day one, but we could also imagine it being able to accommodate any unknown functionality that we need.”

Since adopting Kimble, FDM has been able to optimize the business’s financial processes from start-to-finish. Kimble has improved the overall accuracy, visibility, and reliability of financial data — from timesheets and expenses to invoices and reconciliation.

FDM’s more than 5,000 consultants around the world now use Kimble to enter their time and expense data on a daily basis, and FDM’s clients monitor and approve submissions using the Kimble Customer Community. With Kimble, FDM can be confident that this data is accurate and reliable — which directly feeds the efficiency and consistency of invoicing and payroll. Kimble supports the finance team in processing over 8,000 accurate and timely invoices a month.

According to Lucy Butterton, Head of Customer Adoption at Kimble Applications:

“It’s great to see the impact that Kimble PSA has had at FDM. We are excited to support them as they continue to scale globally, ready to tackle any new challenges or requirements brought on by new offices, territories, or processes. We strive to provide a flexible solution that can seamlessly support FDMs needs as they continue to evolve.”

To learn more about FDM and the results they are experiencing since adopting Kimble PSA, read the entire customer story here.


FDM Group is the global leader in the Recruit, Train and Deploy sector, launching thousands of careers every year across the globe. FDM provides graduates, returners to work and ex-forces personnel with award-winning business and technical training, before being deployed as consultants with industry-leading clients. Founded in 1991, FDM has grown exponentially, with over 5,000+ employees and 85+ nationalities working together as a team across EMEA, Asia Pacific and North America.

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