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Kantata Significantly Lowers Bench Time for Toyota Connected North America

Kantata Significantly Lowers Bench Time for Toyota Connected North America

UPDATEDOct 20, 2023

Software company Toyota Connected increases timesheet adoption by 25% and reduces time on bench by more than 90% with Kantata Professional Services Cloud 

IRVINE, Calif., and LONDON – October 5, 2023 – Kantata, the leading global supplier of purpose-built technology for professional services, today announced that Texas-based software development and cloud services company Toyota Connected North America (TCNA) has reduced bench time from 15% to below 1% through workforce optimization with the Kantata Professional Services Cloud

Prior to adopting Kantata Professional Services Cloud, TCNA worked with less efficient spreadsheets for resource tracking and skills matching. TCNA sought a unified “source of truth” to streamline organization-wide data and improve decision-making. TCNA selected Kantata OX, Kantata’s open infrastructure solution. 

“Kantata has been a strong resource in helping Toyota Connected better optimize where staffing demand is for various projects to make sure we have the right people in the right place at the right time,” said Dave Knapstein, manager, Strategic Workforce planning at TCNA. “The system has enabled our organization to have more informed budget and hiring conversations across our team that we couldn’t have before.”

“Kantata is the tell-all system that we reference for how we’re performing in the organization across our projects as well as where our resources are on those projects,” Knapstein added. 

Since adopting Kantata, TCNA has been able to:

  • Reduce time on bench below 1% — previously, TCNA had a cloudy picture of who was on the bench, but accurate insights on workforce skills and availability from Kantata have led to the near-extinction of bench time.
  • Improve timesheet adoption by 25%, from 75% of hourly team members capturing their time in their previous system to a current standard of between 95% and 98% timesheet compliance with Kantata.
  • Precisely forecast project durations using data in Kantata, driving forecasting accuracy that is enabling better planning, resource allocation and more efficient project execution.

“Everybody [at Kantata] from the top down has been great, from the implementation team to our customer service rep,” said Knapstein. “We’ve had special trainings for things like report building. Trainers have been excellent.”

“We appreciate the opportunity to partner with professional services organizations like Toyota Connected — it is always exciting to see how Kantata is being used to orchestrate projects and people that are changing the way we think about things like mobility,” said Matt Schlessman, VP, Global Customer Success, Kantata. “The incredible results TCNA has achieved are a testament not just to the power of software purpose-built for the unique needs of professional services organizations, but also to the work our teams have done together to align Kantata’s capabilities with meaningful outcomes.”

To learn more about the quantitative results of adopting Kantata, read the entire success story here.

About Kantata:

Kantata takes professional services automation to a new level, giving people-powered businesses the clarity, control, and confidence they need to optimize resource planning and elevate operational performance. Our purpose-built cloud software is helping over 2,000 professional services organizations in more than 100 countries focus on and optimize their most important asset: their people. By leveraging the Kantata Professional Services Cloud, professionals gain access to the information and tools they need to win more business, ensure the right people are always available at the right time, and delight clients with project delivery and outcomes.

About Toyota Connected North America

Based in Plano, Texas, Toyota Connected North America (TCNA) was established in 2016 to contribute toward Toyota’s global vision for an intelligent mobile society. TCNA is an independent Toyota company that serves as a software and innovation hub, leveraging big data from vehicles to humanize the driving experience and provide customers secure, seamless and contextual services. Comprised primarily of software engineers and data scientists, TCNA serves as a center of excellence for connected services that elevate the customer experience as well as benefiting dealers, distributors and partners. At the heart of TCNA is Toyota’s belief in human-centered mobility and a fundamental commitment to personal privacy. Learn more at

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