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Kimble Brings Customers Even Closer to Their Data in Winter 22 Release

Kimble Brings Customers Even Closer to Their Data in Winter 22 Release

Dec 01, 2021

 Leading provider of PSA software introduces Kimble Data Manager and Analyzers built on Tableau

BOSTON, MA & LONDON, UK — December 1, 2021

Kimble Applications, a global leader in professional services automation, today announced the general availability of its Winter 22 release, which brings customers and their data closer together in dynamic new ways through tools like the Kimble Data Manager and a new set of Analyzers built on Tableau.

New features in the Winter 22 release, which was deployed in a number of customer environments over the weekend, include weighted capability matching, flexible targets, and a new executive dashboard that monitors employee well-being. These features have been available for customers to test in their sandbox environments since the beginning of November.

“One of the key messages we’ve heard consistently from the Enterprise Advisory Board we launched earlier this year to bring together leaders from some of our largest customers is this: data is what drives the true power of Kimble,” said Sarah Edwards, Chief Product & Strategy Officer at Kimble. “This encompasses reporting obviously but it also encompasses insight, predictions, recommendations, and automation. And it’s not just data for executives that drives that power, it’s visibility and efficiency of data access for all the people that impact the accuracy of our forecasts, from consultants to project managers to resource managers.


The new capabilities in our Winter 22 release focus on the key areas that ensure businesses are getting the most value from their Kimble data: how easy it is to get data in and out of the application, how easy data is to maintain in the application, and how impactful that data is in driving better decisions sooner.”

Getting Data In and Out of Kimble

In Winter 22, Kimble introduces new tools that streamline the data import and integration process, enabling Kimble to build on its established track record of delivering a faster payback period than other enterprise PSA solutions.

The new Kimble Data Manager, accessible within the Kimble user interface, streamlines the critical business task of loading and maintaining data in Kimble PSA, aligning with Kimble’s mission to continuously improve time-to-value and self-sufficiency for its customers. Kimble’s new API Document Generator also feeds the self-sufficiency of Kimble customers, giving users the ability to download API specific documentation provided by Kimble directly from the Kimble PSA user interface, more efficiently giving system integrators the specifications they will required to set up end-to-end integrations with Kimble.

Winter 22 also sees the official launch of Kimble’s set of Analyzer applications, which put the power of Tableau in the hands of Kimble users, providing self-service analytics through visually rich, customizable and interactive dashboards. Kimble Analyzers complement Kimble’s standard reporting functionality, allowing more complex analysis of business performance data in Tableau.

  • Kimble Financial Analyzer provides organizations insight into business profitability, helping analysts identify areas of underperformance by allowing them to easily surface, then drill into, complex information on predicted revenue, costs, and margin.
  • Kimble Resourcing Analyzer enables businesses to dive into the complex details surrounding resource management, providing insight into the complex, always-shifting variables associated with managing resources across a services organization.
  • Kimble has also announced plans to release Kimble Delivery Analyzer in 2022.

The arrival of Kimble’s Analyzer applications coincides with the launch of the Kimble Analytics Connector, which enables Kimble PSA to connect intuitively with Analytics platforms like Tableau. Kimble Analytics Connector extracts and transforms data from Kimble PSA, providing point-in-time snapshots for comparing business performance over time.

Driving Impactful Decisions with Data

The Winter 22 release sees significant enhancements to numerous features within Kimble PSA, including enhancements to resource matching capabilities, project risk management, project status management, and targets. These enhancements build on existing strong points within the Kimble application, helping users maintain accurate data more efficiently and granting them new and powerful insights into what the most impactful decisions will be. Enhancements in Winter 22 include:

  • Advanced Capability Matching, which gives users the ability to weight capabilities associated with an open assignment, and determine the significance of mandatory capabilities, as they assess which resource is the best fit.
  • Updated risk management experience, with the ability to add, edit, and bulk update risks inline within a spreadsheet-like interface.
  • Updated project status experience, with streamlined status template administration and the ability to log multiple statuses in one week – for example one based on a weekly status template and another based on a monthly status template
  • Flexible Targets, which extend Kimble’s Targets capabilities by allowing users to set targets against nearly all fields in Kimble – this means users will be able to set important targets like revenue targets or utilization targets against more granular dimensions such as by industry or by grade.

In addition, Winter 22 includes new features that help Kimble customers ensure their valued resources aren’t stagnating or experiencing burnout. Kimble has introduced an Employee Health & Well-Being Dashboard, which monitors important leading indicators of issues, such as unscheduled vacation, number of projects compared to utilization rate, and lack of learning objectives. Winter 22 also brings the new Resource Narrative feature to Kimble PSA – this enables users to easily surface additional dimensions of important resource information, such as which days a resource prefers to work from home.

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