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POP Achieves a Remarkable 97% Project Success Rate with Kantata

POP Achieves a Remarkable 97% Project Success Rate with Kantata

UPDATEDJan 26, 2024

Digital Agency Transforms Client Service Delivery Through Kantata’s Advanced Professional Services Cloud

IRVINE, Calif., and LONDON – January 29, 2024 – Kantata, the leading global supplier of purpose-built technology for professional services, proudly announces the significant milestone its client, POP, achieved. Using the Kantata Professional Services Cloud, POP, a digital agency, has notably enhanced its project delivery efficiency, reaching a remarkable 97% success rate in delivering projects on time and within budget.

Before implementing the Kantata Professional Services Cloud, POP’s approach to client service delivery relied on an in-house time tracking and resource planning system supplemented by various third-party tools such as Basecamp, Microsoft Project, and Smartsheet. This method, however, struggled to keep pace with the expanding demands of their operations, particularly in serving their Fortune 500 clients. The agency sought a SaaS solution to enhance efficiency and consolidate data visibility.

The goal was to streamline project reporting, bridge gaps caused by disparate toolsets, add precision to resource planning, and provide comprehensive operational data through a unified platform. Sara Giuffrida, POP’s Senior Vice President of Delivery, emphasized the need for a cohesive system, saying, “We needed a professional tool to fill the gaps. Our PMs wanted more visibility — a tighter view of their projects and project financials — and we couldn’t give it to them. We aimed for consistency and centralization by integrating our resourcing, project management, and project accounting in one place.”

POP’s collaboration with Kantata led to significant advancements in POP’s project management capabilities, notably increasing their success rate in completing projects on time and within budget from approximately 80% to an impressive 97%. This alliance boosted the agency’s ability to finish projects efficiently and contributed positively to its overall profitability. For more detailed insights into POP’s success with Kantata, read the entire success story here.

One of the key achievements of this union is the substantial reduction in scheduling conflicts, made possible by enhanced visibility into the scheduling and availability of resources. This greater clarity has empowered project managers at POP to actively address and prevent delays or budget overruns in their projects.

Kantata OX, Kantata’s open infrastructure solution, played a crucial role in this transformation, providing a solution that aligned with POP’s needs in terms of functionality and flexibility. After reflecting on the relationship with Kantata, Giuffrida praised Kantata’s commitment to understanding and meeting POP’s unique needs. “Kantata really listened to us and provided a customized solution that fit our specific requirements,” she stated.

“My focus is on harnessing vertical SaaS technology to redefine industry standards,” said Ken Ringdahl, Chief Technology Officer, Kantata. “Our team’s commitment to innovation is reflected in the advanced solutions we deliver, which drive efficiency and productivity and shape the future of our sector. At Kantata, we believe in the power of technology to create transformative experiences for our clients, and we are dedicated to continually pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in our field.”

Upcoming Webinar
Sara Giuffrida, POP’s SVP of Delivery, will share more insights on POP’s transformation on an upcoming webinar titled ‘What Professional Service Organizations Need to Thrive in a Dynamic and Disruptive Market.’ On this webinar, hosted by S&P Global Market Intelligence in partnership with Kantata and Salesforce, Giuffrida will present alongside Kantata’s CTO, Ken Ringdahl, and S&P Global Principal Analyst, Chris Marsh. Join them for this insightful event on Wednesday, January 31, 2024, at 11 AM Pacific Standard Time. To register, go here.

About Kantata
Kantata takes professional services automation to a new level, giving people-powered businesses the clarity, control, and confidence they need to optimize resource planning and elevate operational performance. Our purpose-built cloud software is helping over 2,000 professional services organizations in more than 100 countries focus and optimize their most important asset: their people. By leveraging the Kantata Professional Services Cloud, professionals gain access to the information and tools they need to win more business, ensure the right people are always available at the right time, and delight clients with project delivery and outcomes.

About POP
POP is a digital agency that brings a unique combination of business smarts, forward-thinking technology, and design to enrich connections between people and brands. POP’s team of creators and technologists transform complex problems into new possibilities for ambitious brands including Target, PepsiCo, Xbox, F5, and Gap, Inc. Together we build meaningful customer relationships to create lasting business value.

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