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Unlocking the Power of Kantata SX: Winter ’24 Release Highlights

Unlocking the Power of Kantata SX: Winter ’24 Release Highlights

UPDATEDNov 13, 2023

In a business environment characterized by perpetual evolution, maintaining a competitive edge transcends mere necessity; it emerges as a strategic imperative. Kantata’s Salesforce-native solution, Kantata SX, is purpose-built to equip global professional services organizations (PSOs) with the clarity, control, and confidence they need to seamlessly align a large, multinational workforce with a growing portfolio of client-enabling work.

Today, we are showcasing the latest innovations coming to Kantata SX in our Winter ‘24 release. These new features are a result of constant collaboration with our customers which deepens Kantata’s expertise on the evolving needs of enterprise PSOs. Let’s dive into the three key highlights of this release. 

Simplifying Complex Organizational Transitions

Change can be hard, especially when organizational change needs to be reflected throughout your technology stack. Anyone who’s ever tried to keep resources and revenue aligned as business units are restructured knows the pain that can come from scaling your technology alongside your organization.

Allow us to introduce a user-friendly and robust interface meticulously designed to cater to the evolving needs of our customers. This interface streamlines the often intricate process of extending or rationalizing your operational structure and even establishing entirely new service lines. Our customers frequently embark on these transformative journeys, and we are resolutely committed to facilitating this transition with maximum efficiency.

This has been a strong area of focus and innovation in Kantata SX for the past few years, with Kantata introducing and refining sophisticated automation capabilities that facilitate the deployment of new operational models. With the Winter ’24 release, we are also introducing a Salesforce Lightning-based wizard that empowers administrators to efficiently transfer thousands of records across various organizational structures, significantly streamlining the change process.

In the contemporary business environment, growth extends beyond mere acquisitions; it encompasses strategic refinements, cost management, and the optimization of profitability. Enterprise organizations find themselves in a perpetual state of reorganization, and our solution is finely tuned to not only adapt to but also seamlessly facilitate these changes. 

Driving Forecast Accuracy Through Streamlined Period Close

The best Professional Services Cloud solutions don’t just provide capabilities across the professional services lifecycle; they also align key sales, resourcing, delivery, and financial data that so often remains siloed in service of more accurate insights on both actual and forecast performance. Period management is where the rubber meets the road when it comes to data fidelity—it’s the persistent heartbeat of business operations, where you reconcile what was expected to happen in a period with what actually happened, locking in recognized revenue and cascading unfinished work into future periods to deliver more accurate forecasts. The solutions that drive the most accurate insights about future performance also reliably have the most robust period management capabilities.

Kantata’s Winter ’24 release places a strong emphasis on streamlining this operational cadence, proactively giving users responsible for closing financial periods the insights they need to efficiently manage the process. Managing end-of-month and end-of-week financial processes is no easy feat—without the right tools, it can involve a lot of chasing down information, combing through spreadsheets, and correcting preventable errors. Kantata has long been at the vanguard when it comes to enabling professional services organizations to reduce the time it takes to manage these processes, as evidenced by Kantata’s proven track record of cutting the time it takes to close periods in half. 

In this release, we’re taking an area of strength for Kantata SX further by introducing readiness diagnostics. These diagnostics, surfaced on a Period Close Readiness Dashboard, take the guesswork out of period management, empowering users with a clear view of any issues that  need to be addressed during week-end or month-end closing processes. Kantata’s readiness diagnostics guide users towards tasks that require immediate attention, further streamlining these essential procedures and delivering more accurate data on historic and future performance sooner.

These enhancements aim to make period management processes as quick and simple as possible, ensuring teams know precisely what needs to be done within the application to fulfill this essential aspect of accounting and forecasting discipline.

Simplifying Data Management, Delivering Performance Assurance at Scale

Archiving data isn’t just important because of the decluttering effect it can have. It’s also essential for growing enterprises with data footprints that are growing at pace. 

To ensure enterprises have the breathing room they need to keep data storage costs and the total cost of ownership of their solutions low, Kantata is proud to introduce new self-service archiving features which are designed to make data management even more intuitive and accessible. While Kantata SX has always supported archiving, the Winter ‘24 release delivers configurable archiving logic, allowing administrators to set specific parameters for automated archiving. This simplifies the archiving process and puts administrators in control.

This control extends to project close-down procedures, streamlining the processes for efficiently archiving records that are no longer essential as projects conclude. By seamlessly integrating archiving into the project lifecycle and engagement governance process, you can easily retain essential data while removing redundant records.

The combination of systematic archiving and new self-service capabilities provides administrators with a powerful tool to maintain precise control over data storage, ensuring that outdated records no longer clutter valuable storage space. These enhancements empower administrators to manage data with ease and precision, ultimately improving daily operations.

Kantata: Your Partner in Navigating Digital Transformation

In the world of enterprise management, change is the only constant. Kantata is here to partner with your business, offering innovative solutions that don’t just help your business navigate scaling, but that scale alongside your business. Our Winter ’24 release tackles the unique challenges enterprises face, equipping your business to proactively adapt to what’s ahead.

Whether it’s providing powerful tools for managing organizational change, self-service archiving, or fine-tuning operational excellence, Kantata’s Winter ’24 release empowers organizations to excel in a dynamic business environment.

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