Team Collaboration

Unite Teams. Advance Projects. Elevate Outcomes.

Team Collaboration
Connect projects to conversations, resources and teams. Improve outcomes with a single, powerful platform as the foundation for collaboration.
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Achieve next-level collaboration

Keep everyone connected so nothing falls through the cracks. Communicate in one place and take collaboration to new heights:

  • Put critical information at your team’s fingertips
  • Ensure everyone stays on the same page
  • Extend visibility to clients and subcontractors
  • Make the most of every resource and minute

Bring people together

Remote work is the new norm, which means project teams can be spread across the globe. Make sure they can work cohesively, wherever they are:

  • Standardize processes, practices and workflows
  • Enable both public and private communication
  • Create granular, role-based permissions for total control
  • Assign and manage tasks and scale seamlessly as you grow

Stay on track

Deliver on your desired outcomes at every stage of the project lifecycle. A single workspace for collaborators makes it easy:

  • Add context to tasks and act on insights
  • Track performance and adjust on the fly
  • Get more done with built-in @s and approvals
  • Keep critical resources engaged, powering success

Keep everything in one place

Unify your network and connect your favorite tools. Streamline your operations, maximize output and efficiency:

  • Bring clients and contractors on board
  • Manage resources and reduce bench time
  • Strengthen your network and extend your skill-base
  • Unify your tech stack with built-in integrations

Reach your goals with confidence

Provide a single source of truth from the outset to smooth the sales-to-delivery handoff, for cross-team confidence:

  • Model scope, budget and resource planning
  • Connect seamlessly to your CRM to support bids
  • Have resources at the ready for easy kickoff
  • Convert proposals into projects with no data duplication

All I have to do is to log in to one place – Kantata. I don’t have to have a million tabs open. The information is now kept up to date because people in the business know that Kantata is the source of truth. That means everyone can see what is coming towards us.

Orinta Bernataviciute, Resource Operations Lead, Contino

Orinta Bernataviciute, Resource Operations Lead, testimonial

Get the clarity, control and confidence only Kantata delivers