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3 Project Management Solutions for IT Services

3 Project Management Solutions for IT Services

Jun 06, 2023

In today’s world of digital business, IT services firms can mean the difference between success only possible through the use of advanced technology, and falling behind competitors who are taking advantage of the modern technology ecosystem. However, IT services firms face major challenges in providing a wide variety of fast, in-depth services to a broad portfolio of clients.

The right project management solution can make a world of difference. For example, Kantata recently worked with global IT solutions and managed services firm Logicalis to support the entire services lifecycle, from proposals, to staffing, time tracking, billing and invoicing, and reporting. 

For the successful completion of any IT services project, look into the following three project management solutions available through the Kantata Cloud for Professional Services™.

Resource Planning

To make sure your business can leverage your highly skilled experts across all of the projects you’re running for a broad portfolio of clients, you need both the hardware and software from IT services to get the job done. Every IT services team needs robust resource planning to ensure they can staff current and future projects.. 

In the Kantata Cloud for Professional ServicesTM, all of your resource data is in one place. Our resource planning practice management solution lets you plan by responding to changes in demand and supply in real time. Get optimized resource recommendations to make the most of every tool in your IT services department.

Our resource planning tools include best-fit staffing, so you can see your team as a resource as well. It matches people’s skills to the project demands, so you always assign the right IT person to the right project. Review gaps in skills and identify opportunities for your team to develop, so your workforce is constantly learning and improving.

Project Dashboards

It’s difficult to manage a team in any industry if you can’t see all the moving parts in one place. Project management solutions, like project dashboards, bring all of your data together in a format that’s easy to read. When you can see the tasks at hand, you can better create actionable goals. 

Use project dashboards to check on tasks to see if your employees are struggling with any parts of the project, prioritize certain tasks, make changes to meet timeline and budget goals, and utilize Gantt charts to visualize your schedules. 

Seeing this type of information daily allows for constant improvement in your workflows. These real-time insights help you create better projects, manage budgets, and be better prepared for future work. When you see everyone’s schedule side-by-side, you have a better understanding of what your team needs and how busy each person is. Make changes based on real-time insights to improve projects and workflows.

Team Collaboration Tools

As an IT Services firm, your team doesn’t just need to deliver great IT projects to your clients, they need to be able to work alongside clients to deliver results. And more and more often these days, this is done remotely. Working together with clients through emails is a pain that often creates much more confusion as teams go deep into projects and email chains. Team collaboration software, combined with project management software, creates client-inclusive work that ends in high quality projects, happy clients, and clear communication that prevents delays, mistakes, and decreased profits. Inviting all your internal, external, and client contributors to collaborate in one place can create this successful environment.

Also, with so many IT departments doing their work remotely, they need to be able to communicate with everyone, even if they aren’t on-site together. Standardize workflows and processes by allocating tasks to the right people every time. Create granular permissions so that managers can assign work to their team members. And stay on track by adding extra notes and details to any task that you assign.

The Kantata Cloud for Professional Services is purpose-built to elevate businesses’ performance through effective management, communication, and planning. Find out what Kantata can do for IT services.

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