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What Is Team Collaboration Software?

What Is Team Collaboration Software?

UPDATEDJun 27, 2023

If you’ve ever accidentally left someone off an important work email, you know how difficult it can be to keep every person in the loop on a project. But effective communication is necessary to maximize your time and work day.

To keep everyone connected, try implementing team collaboration software. These software solutions and online services are designed to help companies better communicate and work together on projects. Team collaboration software is a game-changer for remote or hybrid work and allows everyone to work together seamlessly without being in the same physical location.

What issues does team collaboration software eliminate?

Remote work can be great for creating flexibility with people’s schedules and accessing talent regardless of location, but there are often some issues that come up in trying to communicate. Co-workers miss important information shared in long email threads that are hard to keep up with. Two people might be working on the same task and not realize it because they’re not working in the same physical space. And it’s easy to accidentally forget to clue in external contractors on new project due dates, demands, and updates.

But when you use the right team collaboration software, all these problems are solved. The following are four major benefits of project collaboration software.

1. Reduce Email Threads

Instead of having to write long emails to each other or trying to read a back-and-forth discussion, tasks are shown all in one place when you use team collaboration software. This way, discussions can be had through comments on each task.

This cuts down emails because you don’t have to give any context to what you are discussing, the information about the project is included in the task. Plus, you can see the whole lifecycle of the project in one place, so an employee can look through previous status updates to learn pertinent information they need instead of emailing someone for the same information

2. Automate Updates on Task Progress

When one team member makes a change in a task, team collaboration software automatically sends email updates to everyone involved. Plus, resources can see the changes their co-workers made in the task. This means you don’t have to make a phone call or send an email to a supervisor to share that you completed something. The team collaboration software does all the notifying on an employee’s behalf.

3. Assign Tasks to Other Team Members

When you use team collaboration software, you can easily assign tasks to team members that should be in charge of completing them. The software lets you parse out each task in the project so that everyone’s part is assigned.

Plus, a project team doesn’t just include your employees. Collaboration requires working with your client stakeholders, external partners, and freelancers. Team collaboration software lets you assign tasks to them and keep them in the loop on the status of work, while also allowing you to limit their project view to maintain the security your company needs.

4. Create a Centralized Hub to Collaborate and Communicate

The tough thing about sending emails is that it’s hard to track the current status of a project. When you use team collaboration software, there’s a singular hub that everyone can log into and check project progress. Resources can communicate within the hub, so that way people can answer each other’s questions and collaborate on how to finish the project.

If a team member has a specific question for someone else, they can tag that person directly. The tagged person will receive a notification so that they can quickly respond to the issue.

How Kantata Maximizes Team Collaboration

Try Kantata’s comprehensive software to maximize team collaboration. Kantata’s workspace shows you each step of your project’s lifecycle, lets you add context to tasks and act on insights, track performance to adjust tasks as needed and get more done with built-in tags and approvals.

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