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Kantata’s 2023 Catalyst Awards: Celebrating Excellence in Professional Services

Kantata’s 2023 Catalyst Awards: Celebrating Excellence in Professional Services

UPDATEDNov 16, 2023

The Kantata Catalyst Awards were created to shine a spotlight on outstanding advancements and exceptional achievements of the individuals who are changing the world of professional services. We received nominations from firms and individuals around the world, each demonstrating their unwavering commitment to delivering world-class client experiences and driving innovation in the professional service industry.

The Catalyst Awards cover two distinct categories:

  1. Client Experience Champion: This award celebrates individuals who consistently go above and beyond to enhance client outcomes. These client experience champions build meaningful partnerships, exceed expectations, and create environments where individuals thrive.
  1. Innovation Champion: This award honors pioneers of change, recognized for spearheading initiatives that have significantly improved their working environment, streamlined business processes, or led to better client outcomes. It celebrates visionary leadership and the ability to drive positive transformations through innovation.

Our panel of experts had the challenging task of evaluating each submission based on criteria like: innovation, impact, and contribution to the professional services industry. After careful consideration, we selected the following outstanding professionals as the winners of the inaugural 2023 Kantata Catalyst Awards:

Client Experience Champions:

Laura Turner, Senior Application Administrator at West Monroe

  • Laura provided oversight as the Kantata subject matter expert on a key ERP integration effort. With Laura’s nuanced knowledge of Kantata, West Monroe was able to shift from manual on/off-boarding of resources to automated creation of new resource records  through integration, saving 30 hours of manual effort per month across three teams. To provide the time needed to drive this initiative, Laura also quickly onboarded a new Kantata support resource to take on weekly administrative tasks. 

Joe Mackie, Manager of Client Services at Watermark Insights

  • Joe’s efforts to maximize the utilization of the resourcing view in Kantata OX have significantly improved his team’s work planning, resulting in increased utilization for the project management team, from around 40% in 2021 to the current average of 75%. This success has empowered he and his team to understand and achieve their goals without compromising their Customer Satisfaction Score or Time in Implementation metrics.

Innovation Champions:

Michael Beadle, Director AMER Services at Nutanix

  • In introducing Kantata OX to Nutanix as part of a complete overhaul of their Project Delivery framework, Michael and his team empowered project managers with 75 distinct and new project templates, fostering consistency and efficiency. Notably, six manual reports, including utilization, margin, revenue forecasting, shadow opportunities, expirations, and partner delivery/margin, were automated, while four new dashboards/reports were created to provide deeper insights into the business’s health.

Derick Chiong, Business Operations Manager at 8×8 Inc. 

  • Derick introduced time-to-value tracking, enhanced utilization metrics, and streamlined system fields. He spearheaded an automated process that connects Salesforce and Kantata SX, creating custom objects that increase the velocity of projects, which resulted in a 730-man-hour reduction annually, equivalent to $100,000 in cost savings, with zero manual input errors.

Congratulations to all the winners of the 2023 Kantata Catalyst Awards! Your dedication, innovation, and commitment to excellence are truly inspiring.

The Kantata Catalyst Awards are just a glimpse of the dynamic and constantly evolving world of professional services. We look forward to continuing to celebrate excellence and sharing insights to help your organization thrive and exceed client expectations. For more information on our Catalyst Awards winners, read our announcement or visit our Catalyst Awards page.

Thank you for joining us in recognizing the remarkable achievements of the champions who are propelling the professional services industry forward. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for professional services, and we’re here to support you and your organizations’ journey every step of the way. Stay tuned for more updates and insights from Kantata, and congratulations again to 2023’s Catalyst Awards winners!

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