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Seamless Communication with Team Collaboration Tools

Seamless Communication with Team Collaboration Tools

UPDATEDJun 27, 2023

Communication is one of the most critical elements of a successful business. In fact, well-informed employees outperform their peers by 77%. But it can be difficult to keep everyone on the same page because it’s easy to accidentally leave someone off an email or forget to loop a co-worker into a meeting invite.

That’s why companies invest in project management software with robust team collaboration tools. These solutions offer a centralized hub for everyone to connect, communicate, and keep track of the status of their projects. With collaboration solutions, managers can assign tasks and give them context. Any project can be standardized with templates that can be duplicated over and over.

So here are all the reasons why you need to make the jump from plain old email, spreadsheets, or shared calendars to centralized communication with team collaboration tools. 

Team collaboration tools offer a centralized hub to communicate and collaborate 

Great team collaboration tools offer a centralized hub where anyone assigned to the project can check the status and chat with clients and other teammates to keep them in the loop. Plus, you can create workflows that your team can access from anywhere, even on their smartphones. So, whether your team is remote or in the office, everyone can be on the same page.

You can use a centralized hub to assign and manage tasks to your employees and communicate with co-workers on public dashboards where everyone sees updates in a Facebook-like feed. But if a matter is sensitive, you can privately communicate as well. 

Team collaboration tools show the entirety of the project lifecycle

When someone new joins a project, it can be difficult to get them up to speed on everything that has been accomplished to date. But with team collaboration tools, you can see the entirety of the project lifecycle within the centralized hub. This helps you understand the entire project — from conceptualization to completion.

Review tasks for context and track your team’s performance on assigned duties. And you can make changes to the project as needed, on the fly, and can update everyone with an automated email or alert in real-time.b. Plus, you can flag people quickly with @ mentions if you need their attention so they don’t miss a beat.

Team collaboration tools let you manage contractors, partners, and clients

When you work with a lot of people outside your organization, it can be difficult to keep them in the loop on updates. But with the right team collaboration tools, it’s easy to assign clients and outside stakeholders tasks or update them on status.  You can bring contractors, partners, and clients in as their own team, so you can keep them separate from your staff and hide any confidential information.

Team collaboration tools contextualize project tasks

Contextual collaboration prevents you from having to look at multiple types of software to understand what’s going on in a project or task you’ve been assigned. When you use your project management software to assign context to tasks that everyone can see –  including links to previous work, projects, or critical instructions – your team is empowered to look at how similar tasks were previously accomplished to better understand how to do the one assigned to them.

You can use project task templates to standardize your processes, practices, and workflow. And you can use role-based permissions to let leaders of various teams assign tasks as well. This lets you scale seamlessly as your projects grow in complexity.

Kantata Simplifies Team Collaboration

If you’re struggling to communicate well with your employees, Kantata’s team collaboration tools can help. With our centralized hub, it’s easy to keep everyone working on projects and tasks on the same page.

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