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Simplify Success with Resource Management Software

Simplify Success with Resource Management Software

UPDATEDSep 12, 2023

Resource management is the cornerstone of success for a thriving professional services business. That’s because in professional services organizations, your product is your people – without them, there would be no way to ensure clients are successful. Simply having the resources to undertake a project isn’t enough; you need to know how and when to use them, balancing the demands of multiple clients across a robust portfolio of ongoing projects. When done without the assistance of a dedicated software solution, keeping track of all the moving parts that make up the resource management process can be challenging. Because projects are always changing and progressing, resource managers need to be flexible and react to data in real time.

Resource management software simplifies success by allowing managers to analyze and correct their strategies as issues arise, not as an afterthought. Beyond basic resource management tasks, Kantata resource management software provides a suite of integrations and tools that give managers more control than ever before over the bottom line.

Cross Platform Data Integration

Effective resource management is impossible without a complete inventory of all the resources at your disposal. Many modern resource management software solutions are designed to not only track both the human and material resources needed for project management, but can also coordinate schedules, skills, and various conflicting assignments for a team. However, resource management does not exist in a bubble. Both resource managers and the resource management software solutions they use live within the larger context of a company and the many different tools being used on a daily basis. If resource management processes are not done without taking these many other processes into consideration, major errors and conflicts can quickly arise.

The solution? Resource management software that utilizes cross platform data integration. By establishing one solution as your resource management hub and integrating data between it and other specialized systems, you’re able to see changes in real time and make the necessary adjustments. The best part? No need to sacrifice the specialty features you’ve come to rely on. 

Powerful Planning Capabilities

Resource management relies on team members having an accurate project plan. There will always be real time changes that need to be made as the project progresses, but the better the initial plan, the fewer changes will be needed overall. Establishing a project plan that not only works in conjunction with resource management, but incorporates it from the start completely revolutionizes project planning accuracy.

Investing in resource management software with powerful planning tools allows managers to utilize resources more effectively. These types of planning tools reduce surprises and allow managers to respond to changes in demand and supply that do occur quickly while also estimating how these changes will impact project revenue, margins, and timelines. Finally, these tools are able to provide recommendations based on the situation, so managers can make informed decisions backed up by data. 

Resource Recommendations

One of the key aspects of successful resource management is the ability to create well balanced teams that can execute their share of the project. However, managing all these moving parts and personalities is easier said than done. Features like resource recommendations can help cut through the ocean of information and build the best team first.

Kantata resource management software allows managers to staff smarter and with more visibility into team capacity and skills. Managers can configure resource recommendations and evaluate multiple teams simultaneously to find the best fit. Additionally, managers gain insight into how various team adjustments can impact performance and profit, giving them the information they need to create the optimal team composition for the overall needs of a project.

Forecasting Tools

It’s not enough to get the products that are currently running right – , in order to ensure long-term success, resource managers also need to have the ability to forecast resource demands beyond current projects, and understand how those demands align with upcoming resource availability. By investing in resource management software that offers a suite of forecasting tools, you can simultaneously improve your current project while preparing for the next, ensuring decision-makers have the data they need to see conflicts and skills gaps before they happen.

Accurate forecasting is only possible when a business has the ability to successfully predict what demand is going to need resources and when those resources will be needed. With that in mind, look for resource management software that also provides insights on likely outcomes based on historical data that accounts for past and current projects – having this information at hand takes the guesswork out of looking at the sales pipeline to gauge resourcing needs and increases the confidence, timeliness and accuracy of resource management decisions. Parameters like project timing, demands, and profitability can all be tracked and inform how you approach what comes next. 

Resource Management Software That Can Support All Your Needs

In need of resource management software that can do all this and more? Kantata provides a resource management solution that supports the everyday and the extraordinary.

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