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Stay on Track With Better Resource Management Software Tools

Stay on Track With Better Resource Management Software Tools

UPDATEDJun 27, 2023

At any company, an employee cannot effectively work without the right resources. A resource can refer to a person, a good, a building in which to work or assemble items, and anything needed to get a job done. As a manager, the most important element of the job is to ensure that the company has enough resources in order to deliver a project on time. 

Companies can manage their resources in different ways, but ultimately, the best solution is an option where you can see all resources in one place in order to allocate them correctly. Resource management software allows you to fully harness the power of your resources in order to maximize the number of projects your company can complete, in turn, increasing your bottom line. 

The Kantata Professional Services Cloud includes robust resource management software alongside other powerful tools that are proven to help businesses optimize professional services performance. Here’s how we can help you maximize your resources and scale your company.

Simple Interdepartmental Communication

When you’re trying to figure out all of the right people to include in a project update, it’s possible to omit people who need to be included. No one wants to be scrambling last-minute to add people to meetings or to pass on important information. Resource management software tools, like project-centric dashboards that bring all assigned resources together in one workspace, help to avoid confusion and simplify communication. All the relevant project resource information lives in one place, so anyone at any time can check the dashboard to see the status of tasks for maximum project visibility. 

If two department heads are trying to figure out the supplies they need for a project, they can model their requirements and play out different combinations of people to reach optimum outcomes. Instead of having to go back and forth on a phone call, they can make actionable choices based on data saved in their resource management software tools.

Make Decisions With Real-Time Information

Sometimes, staffing changes happen in the middle of a project. Unless you can see all of your staff in one place, and watch how the change affects your projects, you could miss deadlines because you didn’t understand every task that a former lead or team member handled. If you don’t have enough flexibility in your project, this could lead to disastrous results. 

The Kantata Cloud’s resource management software tools display resource availability by the day and the changes to their availability in the future. A manager can take real-time data and adjust resources to fill in gaps. Plus, project managers can receive optimized resource recommendations to make changes fast, which allows them to not miss a beat if a resource is suddenly unavailable.

Consider the Future With Powerful Forecasting

Projects might be progressing well in the present, but leaders need to be able to plan for the future to meet deadlines and scale. Forecasting tools in resource management software are data-driven statistics, projected from data collected on past work, to help plan for the future. These tools can help managers catch errors in project timing, demands, and profitability. Forecasting tools can also point out areas where a project is falling short, so managers don’t repeat mistakes. 

When a leader knows how to plan, it prevents bottlenecks and helps employees maintain a stress-free workload, preventing burnout.

Build the Strongest Teams With Utilization Reporting

Your people are your most important resources. You need resource planning software tools that keep your team engaged with accurate, real-time information. The Kantata Cloud’s Team Builder and Skills Adjacency tools use every team member’s skill sets and experiences to help build teams that are perfectly matched for maximum productivity.

The Katanta Cloud’s resource management tools are just one part of our robust PSA software built to help professional services organizations thrive. Let’s see what out-of-the-box capabilities we can create for your company: schedule a demo with Kantata today.

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