Effective resource planning and scheduling stand at the heart of success for services businesses. It’s a critical yet intricate process that governs the efficiency of operations, enabling organizations to predict and meet the varying demands of their projects. Striking the right balance in resource allocation can often be the difference between delivering high-value results or falling short of client expectations.

In today’s fast-paced business environment, professional services organizations face significant challenges in resource planning and scheduling. A study commissioned by Kantata and Salesforce, and conducted by Forrester Consulting, reveals these complexities. For the 383 professional services business leaders surveyed, the top challenge identified was an inability to predict project resource needs in advance (59%). In addition, 56% of respondents lacked the necessary data for robust forecasting, while 49% struggled to manage the project pipeline, with a specific emphasis on tracking probability and underlying resource needs, in their current tech stack. These issues underscore the need for robust, predictive tools capable of addressing these skill and capacity gaps ahead of demand.

Amidst these challenges, Kantata emerges as a leading force in revolutionizing how services businesses approach resource planning and scheduling. Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, Kantata offers adaptable solutions across multiple platform experiences, with an emphasis on extending the value of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) data for professional services organizations regardless of their platform preference.

Whether you need a solution that’s embedded in the Salesforce Platform Cloud or an open infrastructure solution that can integrate intuitively with the CRM of your choice, the Kantata Professional Services Cloud provides a powerful connection between Professional Services Cloud technology and CRM. This symbiotic relationship generates transformative benefits, including predictive capabilities and increased visibility.

In this article, we will explore how the powerful combination of CRM and a Professional Services Cloud can significantly transform the way services businesses operate.


Traditional Professional Services Automation (PSA) tools emerged from a business need for efficient financial management and project accounting. Initially, they were developed as financial department-focused utilities, aiming to simplify and automate invoicing and historical business performance tracking. While this focus has been useful to a degree, it provided a rear-view mirror perspective, often lacking the forward-looking vision that services businesses require for growth and sustainability.

The market has now evolved towards an innovative approach: Professional Services Cloud technology. Unlike traditional PSA tools built backward from Enterprise Resource Planning needs, Professional Services Clouds prioritize the future. They shift the focus from mere historical financial performance to a comprehensive understanding of potential business opportunities and challenges. This evolution recognizes that success in the services industry necessitates the ability to anticipate future demands, understand emerging trends, and plan resources accordingly.

A critical element in this evolution is the integration of Professional Services Cloud technology with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. A powerful synergy arises when these systems connect. The integration brings pipeline data to life, facilitating robust resource planning and project planning capabilities. By linking CRM to a Professional Services Cloud solution like Kantata, services businesses gain a forward-looking view of their operations. They can see the work that’s coming down the pipeline, understand the skills required, and plan resources ahead of time.

Such integration holds the potential to transform the entire operational landscape of services businesses. It effectively manages change in existing projects and forecasts future needs, ensuring that resources are allocated efficiently, and customer satisfaction levels are optimized. The seamless interplay between Kantata and Salesforce demonstrates the power of this innovative approach, setting a new standard for resource planning and scheduling in the professional services industry.


The integration of Professional Services Cloud technology with CRM systems offers transformative benefits to service businesses, significantly impacting workforce productivity and billable utilization, according to recent research. A comprehensive study conducted by the Technology & Services Industry Association (TSIA) demonstrated a remarkable uptick in billable utilization by 8% among organizations that integrated their CRM systems with their Professional Services Cloud solutions. This surpasses previous research and reinforces the idea that such integration is not just beneficial but essential for improving efficiency and productivity in the professional services industry.

The interplay between CRM and a Professional Services Cloud solution like Kantata provides early visibility of the sales pipeline and future demand. By creating a forward-looking view of the services to be delivered, these tools enable organizations to anticipate and adjust to changing business requirements more swiftly. It brings light to areas of growing demand before they become bottlenecks, allowing for careful consideration of all options available and enabling the business to make informed decisions.

More importantly, the integration of CRM with Professional Services Cloud solutions enables proactive resourcing, which is critical for optimizing utilization and efficiency. Instead of reacting to demands as they appear, organizations can anticipate needs and align their resources accordingly, thereby minimizing downtime and maximizing billable hours.

Moreover, this integration promotes efficiency across the organization. It breaks down information silos, ensuring data from sales and delivery can be consolidated in a single, real-time source of truth. This unified view of the business helps eliminate resource conflicts and ensures that the right teams are assigned to the most suitable projects.

In a nutshell, the integration of CRM with Professional Services Cloud solutions paves the way for an operational shift towards improved resource planning, scheduling, and, ultimately, increased billable utilization. This empowers organizations to make more informed, proactive decisions that drive growth and customer satisfaction.



When integrated CRM and PS Cloud create a powerful synergy that propels services-oriented organizations into the future. This unique collaboration holds immense potential for businesses, particularly in terms of resource planning, scheduling, and overall operational efficiency.


Getting a Forward-looking View

By providing a forward-looking view of the business landscape, CRM integration allows organizations to aggregate demand effectively. This perspective, paired with real-time data, helps businesses accurately forecast future resource requirements and make informed recruitment decisions. Instead of recruiting reactively based on immediate project needs, organizations can now recruit strategically, focusing on the long-term skill requirements and trends identified from their aggregated demand data. This proactive approach leads to optimized resource allocation, ensuring that the right people are in the right roles at the right time.


Breaking Down Silos

Traditional siloed work structures, where teams operate independently, often lead to inefficiencies and a lack of collaboration. However, the integration of Professional Services Cloud technology with your customer relationship management (CRM) system can dismantle these silos.

With this powerful connection, resourcing teams and sales units can collaborate effectively. They can ensure that the right resources are allocated for deals likely to close soon, and sales can prioritize selling available time, providing incentives for early start dates. This shared platform enables teams to align on tasks, responsibilities, and deadlines, fostering improved communication and unity.

Furthermore, this integration facilitates a harmonious work process between pre-sales teams and resource management. Pre-sales teams can develop proposals that accurately reflect the resources and costs required for delivery, ensuring more realistic expectations around timelines and budgets. Consequently, fewer projects are sold under inaccurate conditions.

This collaborative approach promotes teamwork, enhancing the overall efficiency and cohesion within the organization.


Managing Change in Existing Projects

In the fast-paced services industry, change is constant. Requirements may shift mid-project, requiring quick adjustments to project timelines, resources, and budget. CRM integration provides businesses with the agility needed to manage these changes effectively. With access to real-time project data, managers can quickly assess the impact of changes, make the necessary adjustments, and promptly communicate these modifications to all stakeholders across the business, ensuring an accurate view of resource availability and upcoming demand for resources is maintained. This real-time flexibility minimizes disruption and keeps projects on track.


Resourcing Across the Whole Business

One of the most impactful benefits of integrating Professional Services Cloud technology with CRM is the ability to manage resources more effectively across the entire organization. The unified platform provides a holistic view of the business, including every team member’s availability, skills, and workload. This transparency helps managers to allocate resources more efficiently, ensuring that everyone is working on tasks that align with their skills and contribute to the organization’s overall objectives.



Welcome to a new era of resource planning and scheduling with Kanata’s revolutionary solutions. Built on the foundation of advanced technology, the Kantata Professional Services Cloud is transforming services businesses worldwide, offering real-life benefits that are dramatically improving organizational outcomes.


Real-life Benefits Experienced by Kantata Users

Kantata’s users report an array of benefits that significantly elevate their operational efficiency and organizational effectiveness. With the forward-looking features of Kantata, organizations can aggregate demand, make informed hiring decisions, and optimize resource allocation. The platform also promotes collaboration by breaking down traditional silos, allowing for unified planning and increased teamwork. Additionally, with Kantata’s robust features, businesses can effectively manage changes in ongoing projects, ensuring maximum flexibility and minimum disruption.


ROI and Adoption Rates of Kantata Solutions

Replacing outdated tools and systems, Kantata’s solutions solutions have demonstrated impressive returns on investment (ROI) for users. Organizations have reported a significant decrease in operational costs, alongside a notable increase in productivity. The adoption rates for Kantata solutions have been equally impressive, with users readily embracing the platform’s intuitive, user-friendly interface and feature-rich functionality.


Driving Efficiency, Increasing Billable Utilization and Revenue, and Improving Customer Satisfaction

Kantata is more than just a resource planning and scheduling tool — it’s a comprehensive platform designed to drive efficiency and revenue. By providing a clearer view of resource availability and enabling proactive resourcing, Kantata increases billable utilization, leading to higher revenue. The system’s ability to provide real-time insights into projects and the capability to manage changes swiftly leads to better project execution and improved customer satisfaction.

Kantata is pioneering the future of professional service operations. With its powerful suite of features, it offers a transformative solution for businesses seeking to optimize their resource planning and scheduling processes. We invite you to explore more about Kantata’s solutions and take the first step towards a more efficient and profitable future.

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