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Kantata Professional Services Cloud – What is it and Why Do You Need It?

Kantata Professional Services Cloud – What is it and Why Do You Need It?

UPDATEDJun 26, 2023

The increasingly complex, fast-paced world of professional services needs more than talented workforces and insightful managers, it needs a technology solution that can identify and support everyday business at the speed of demand.

This is why more businesses than ever are leaving project management systems of old and moving their businesses forward with the Kantata Professional Services Cloud – a specialized, purpose-built cloud-based software platform for the professional services industry. The Kantata Cloud provides support in the services industry in ways that non-purpose-built technological solutions simply can’t.

But what is the Kantata Professional Services Cloud and what it can do for you today? Imagine a world where you can:

Work Your Way

In years past, project management solutions would have a strict set of guidelines regarding how companies should use them, with organizations that didn’t adhere to the rules often experiencing bugs and complications.

The Kantata Professional Services Cloud meets you where you are and then takes you further. Thanks to its flexibility, the Kantata Cloud can be used as either a complete solution or businesses can use select specific functionality to address specific operational gaps. The appeal is that the software integrates seamlessly with your existing systems through open, API-driven architecture that gives users the flexibility to integrate data and workflows across technology stacks, automate workflows, and develop new services solutions that better serve the needs of your business.

Field the Best Team, Every Time

Legacy project and resource management systems have always lacked the capabilities needed to provide visibility into team member availability, experience, and skills. Without these, it can be difficult to make the most of the potential already inherent in your company.

With the Kantata Cloud, your people are your power. This modern solution helps organizations balance staffing requirements and skill expectations at scale through a complete understanding of supply and demand matched against work requirements to more effectively deliver on client needs. Users can quickly see optimized resource recommendations and how reallocating resources impacts revenue, margins, and timelines to put the best possible team on your clients’ projects, always.

See the Full Picture

What does your data truly say about your business’ performance? For many organizations, crucial data insights into all aspects of the company are already there, but they can’t be reached due to unintegrated solutions and generally limited Business Intelligence.

The Kantata Professional Services Cloud makes sure that users always know the true state of their business thanks to a unified data model that brings together business data, client project data, and workforce data for a more complete view of the resource value chain. Now, businesses can rely on confident decision-making and effective planning that helps users see both high level processes and drill down to individual tasks for a complete understanding of business processes. These real-time contextual insights give organizations the ability to level up their operations on both the large and small scale.

Transform Your Outcomes

It can be easy for a business to simply focus on providing the product demanded by a client without looking at the long-term impact of those products, which are known as outcomes. But the health of client relationships can be hurt without being able to understand your true impact.

Because of more detailed contextual collaboration enabled in the Kantata Professional Services Cloud, firms are able to share perspectives with clients for greater transparency and collaboration. In addition, built-in templates, rate cards, and work breakdown structures can streamline operations for more efficient project delivery. The result is that users can spend less time on internal tasks and instead focus on their clients and the future of their business.

Experience the Benefits of the Kantata Professional Services Cloud

What can Kantata do for you? Get in touch with one of our team members today and see how the Kantata Professional Services Cloud can help you overcome your unique challenges.

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