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How to Make the Most of Your Project Management System

How to Make the Most of Your Project Management System

UPDATEDJun 27, 2023

Every time you start a new project at your company, there’s a lot of planning involved. You’ll need to estimate the time it takes, gather physical resources to reduce delays, and assign the right number of people for the task – you might even need to hire new team members in order to successfully complete the project. While you can use spreadsheets to track information across projects, monitor project budgets, and analyze project performance in comparison to past projects, spreadsheets tend to be clunky, difficult to read, and often fall short due to human error, with people accidentally inputting the wrong data.

Instead, allow your project management system to do the hard work for you. Instead of trying to track everything on your own, bring your employees into the mix, and use a project management system to simplify – and even automate – critical steps in the process.

Build Custom Workflows

If you do the same types of projects over and over again, it can be a waste of time to build out project plans and onboard team members on processes they already know well. This is why templates and workflows are so important. Plus, since the scale of engagements may change from project to project, you need to be using a tool robust enough to handle the differences and keep people focused on the most impactful activities.

Look for project management software that allows you to build custom workflows tailored specifically to your company’s needs. Within the software, you can use templates to create a series of tasks that are automatically  set up every time you want to start planning a certain type of project. With these tasks built out from the outset, you can easily assign them to team members. 

When you build all your workflows within your project management system, all the data remains in one place so you can use past projects to improve estimates on future ones.

Track Projects, Tasks, and Schedules

Once you have built out custom workflows, track every task in your project management system so that you remain on schedule. If you have more tasks than your current team can finish in one day, you’ll know that you need to bring in additional workers, like freelancers or contractors, to help complete the job.

When you enter every task into your project management system, you’ll always stay on schedule. Check the project dashboard to see the status of every task or deliverable and see the risks associated with each task or project so you know what obstacles stand in the way of them being completed on time. If the project is running low on remaining resource time, the software alerts you so you can make resourcing adjustments that ensure projects stay on time and on budget..

Manage Projects at Scale

The goal of any business is to scale continuously, but if you do it too fast, you’ll miss deadlines and lose clients. Instead, scale efficiently using your project management system. Use analytics to see where you fell short in the past, and make changes to future projects based on that actionable data. Forecasting tools show your business’s current financial health and areas where you can grow.

To manage projects at scale, you need a project management system that shows:

  • Accurate revenue, margin, and resource forecasts
  • A complete picture of projected demand
  • Granular data so that your projections are more accurate
  • Your current progress on projects so you can adjust resources as you go

Automate Low-Value Tasks

Non-billable busy work hours slow down your team’s work day. Instead, use your project management system to automate these low-value tasks. Create templates of your favorite projects so that you don’t have to create new tasks from scratch every time you start. Automate billing for tasks as much as possible, with dynamic approval routing for time, expenses and invoices. Utilize export functions to put your data into spreadsheets instead of hand-typing the data out yourself. Work smarter with your project management software to save your company time and money.

Build Better Project Management Processes Using the Kantata Professional Services Cloud

Kantata’s purpose-built solutions are here to help you refine your project management processes so that your organization – and your clients and employees – can thrive. To learn more about how our project management system can give our teams the clarity, control, and confidence they need to meet and exceed project goals, schedule a demo with us today.

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