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Why Your Integrated Data Matters

Why Your Integrated Data Matters

UPDATEDJun 27, 2023

Your company has tons of data. You can get it from your workers clocking in and out, the amount of work done per day per person, cash flow, and many more elements of everyday work. But if you don’t have any way of tracking this data, then there’s no way to know how it affects your bottom line. You can’t make any actionable changes based on current problems at your company to plan for a better future.

But by integrating your data through a business intelligence (BI)-powered software solution, you can collect and analyze all relevant data generated by the tools your company uses every day. When you integrate your data with business intelligence software, you see it all in one place so you can improve workflows in your company. Read on to see why integrating your data matters.

Integrated Data Shows Where Data Trends Impact Each Other

Data silos make it too difficult to see the big picture and hold your business back. This is why integrated data is so essential. When you see your integrated data all in one spot, you can see trends within your numbers that you couldn’t have seen otherwise. If you know that a certain project needs a certain number of resources, then you can see how assigning those resources impacts the rest of your company, from the front office to the back office.

And you can customize your data sets to tailor the right set of key performance indicators (KPIs) your company needs to track to measure success. By analyzing your integrated data in a Business Intelligence tool, you can dive deeper into your targeted metrics and visualize how all of the data points connect. 

Integrated Data Helps You Make Informed Decisions

When your data is collected in a purpose-built resource management system, you can better understand how to make staffing decisions that positively impact both the present and future. If your team needs a certain amount of specialists for a project, you can decide ahead of time how many you’ll need for future work. This prevents any bottlenecks in your project pipeline due to hiring new workers too late.

If you know how many people you need in advance, you won’t experience project delays because you didn’t have the people you needed. 

Integrated Data Automates Reporting in One Platform

Analytics reports are a key when it comes to improving your workflows and scaling your company. But for these reports to be effective and efficient to pull together, the sources of key operational and workforce data like CRM, HCM, and ERP need to be connected with a purpose-built professional services Business Intelligence (BI) platform. When they are, the integrated data can offer a complete picture of your business, including forward-looking metrics like forecasted revenue and resource capacity that can’t be automatically reported on in silos. You can also use integrated data to figure out your future projected demand so that you never have to deliver late to a customer or deliver costly work that won’t generate revenue.

If you’re tired of pulling data into complex spreadsheets and trying to make sense of people’s manual work, then an integrated data platform is what you need to sort out your numbers in automated reports.

Integrated Data Helps You Anticipate and React in Real-Time

If you’re still figuring out what your data from two weeks ago means for the current project your team is on, then you’re too late. Integrated data can give insights into what changes you need to make based on the projects you’re working on right now. This helps you predict what you’ll need in the future so you can be more profitable and stay one step ahead

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