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Focus on the Work that Matters with Project Tracking Tools

Focus on the Work that Matters with Project Tracking Tools

UPDATEDJun 27, 2023

When you’re knee-deep in multiple projects, it can be almost impossible to get a sense of what needs to be done first, how much is left to handle in the pipeline, and if all the pieces are in place to deliver on time. If you’re using outdated project management methods like paper and pen, calendars, spreadsheets, or even email, you won’t be able to see all the pieces at the same time, which can keep you from making critical decisions in moving projects forward.

Project management software like the Kantata Professional Services Cloud takes the heavy lift of project management off your shoulders. When all the project tracking tools you need are in one place, you can make decisions fast and keep the ball rolling while juggling multiple projects.

Make Project Changes in Real-Time

More often than not, projects will undergo some sort of major change during their completion. A supplier delivers late, materials get stuck in transit, resources aren’t allocated correctly at the start of the project, or a critical team member steps away unexpectedly for personal reasons. With so many moving parts, you need to be able to make actionable changes from your existing data to make the best choice moving forward.

The Kantata Cloud includes a project management dashboard where you can look at each project using popular project tracking tools like Gantt charts. These show you real-time insights so you can make changes as needed and align the existing resources properly for maximum efficiency.

Prepare for Risks That Can Impact Your Project

As you plan and implement your projects, you need to be aware of the biggest risks. Whether you face poor resource optimization, lack of team members, or anything in between, it behooves you to understand upfront what can cause issues further down the project lifecycle in order to plan backup options in advance.

Use resource data from past projects to assess patterns to ensure that you know what you’re likely to face. Check time tracking data to see which part of past projects took your team the longest to complete. Then, plan for bottlenecks when certain items need to be completed. Allow for extra hours in planning those tasks so that people who have work further down the project lifecycle don’t get frustrated by delays. 

Know the ins and outs of your project scope to ensure that you have the people and resources to carry it out to completion. Forecasting tools allow you to play out different combinations of people and resources on projects, ensuring that you’ve optimally allocated everything.

Plan Projects Out Better From Day One With Up-to-Date Analytics

Your past data unlocks how to track projects more efficiently in the future. Brainstorm your projects using project tracking tools like business intelligence. Get a granular understanding of what your project needs every step of the way, from the number of people to complete a small task to critical due dates for completion. With 60+ services-centric reports, the Kantata Cloud can help you utilize the metrics designed to give the most accurate insights in your specific industry.

Keep Your Team on Track With Transparency

As a manager, you need project tracking tools that help you communicate thoroughly with your team, set expectations, and explain why their piece of the puzzle is important. Team collaboration tools offer a centralized hub where everyone can communicate. If someone has a question about a previously completed part of the project, they can find the person who completed that task and ask them. Plus, you can share metrics with them so they can make their own data-driven decisions about their work.

Streamline Project Tracking Tools with the Kantata Professional Services Cloud

If you struggle with project tracking, the Kantata team can help. The Kantata Cloud offers a suite of powerful tools in one location that makes it easy for you to access critical project data, manage change proactively, and get your projects going fast. 

Streamline your use of project tracking tools and schedule a demo with Kantata today.

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